Music Genres You Can Listen to While Studying That Are Underrated

Do you love to listen to music while studying? Are you looking to change the type of music you are listening to? Then this is the article for you. We will look at a couple of musical genres that are fantastic to listen to when studying but are underrated.

Music helps you concentrate while studying. It helps raise the mood when you feel bored hence motivating you to work harder. Many people suggest that you should listen to classical music, but that might not be your taste of music. Music can really inspire you and help with thesis writing. We have compiled a list of music genres you can use to substitute your current music genre.


It is a complicated genre to explain, but it is very efficient when used to study. The genres are created by combining other genres. Simply put, artists take elements to form different genres, then combine them to create a new genre. That is why it is called Experimental. The elements used to create this new genre can, however, not be pinpointed in the music. Hence the music is not defined by the components used to make it.

It is unique and unpredictable, but you can still follow a couple of guidelines to figure it out. First, Techno was once categorized as an experimental genre, but then it was grouped as its genre, based on it being innovative. But once you listen to techno music, you can get an idea of what the experimental genre entails.

So what is the crucial point of this genre?

The music produced in this design is drone, ambient and industrial. Drone and Industrial are kind of obscure, but then ambient neutralizes them both. Hence it becomes calm and slow-paced, making it perfect for studying. You can also describe it a floating. However, it is not always calm the industrial parts might take over, making it unpredictable too.

However, if you want your music to be calm, no surprises. You can opt to listen to ambient music instead. Doing so eliminates the drone and industrial elements.


It is a genre inspired by how people lived in the 1980s, the innovations, advertisements, culture, synthesizers, and much more. The music has the feel of Retrofuturism. The genre was featured in a movie known as Blade Runner and in the Hotline Miami Game. It fits perfectly into the cyber world. However, the genre is not yet widely known despite its great fame.

The genre is created based mostly on synthesizers. First, artists use the sounds produced in the past, which include analog tech, to create soundtracks. Then, they use their creativity to merge and come up with enticing music.

If you wish to venture into this genre, then here are a couple of music tracks to start you off:

  1. Dance with the Dead
  2. Carpenter Brut
  3. Metal-inspired

Atmospheric black metal

One of the underrated music genres is black metal. It, however, is underrated for a reason. The genre has a lot of subgenres. Each subgenre has its feel and carries with it different emotions and tones.

The Atmospheric Black metal is a black metal subgenre. It focuses on the atmosphere. The genre consists of guitar passes played with mastery and brilliance. They are then combined with synths and riffing playing in the background. Each band has a unique pace and playing style. However, each one works towards achieving a similar goal, coming up with an absorbing atmosphere. It creates imagery in your mind and carries you along throughout the journey.

Here are some songs to start you up:

  1. Woods desolation
  2. Summoning
  3. Saor
  4. Agalloch
  5. Midnight Odyssey

Math and Post Rock

Both of these genres are a subgenre of indie rock. However, we are going to discuss them separately.

The post-genre focuses on bringing out the emotional part of the music. Using the combination of drums and riffing, the artists try to make the music they produce give you an emotional feel. It hence eliminates the plain reaction that some music has, providing a straight-up sensitive texture.

It is not as good as the rock indie, but it has its uniqueness. It makes you feel your emotions better. It is like the days get colder, and the rain that once brought joy to you becomes a source of distraction. It is like a weird combination of beautiful melancholy.

Math rock, on the other hand, is a more technical-based kind of genre. It fuses riffing and other unexpected instruments.

Maybeshewill band performs both of these genres to perfections. So if you are interested in them, then listen to the Maybeshewill band.


Listening to one genre or a couple of famous genres like pop can become redundant. To avoid this, try listening to the genres provided on this website. They are not only perfect for listening to but also fantastic for studying.