May You Cyber & Prosper

May you Cyber & Prosper, and reap all the benefits that cyberspace has to offer from a thriving business or the platform to bring your potentially ingenious ideas to the world.

May you reap all the other benefits of IoT technologies such as state-of-the-art home security, potentially sensor and AI equipped intelligent home appliances.

The General Key Ingredient for Cyber Prosperity

A key ingredient to “Cyber & Prosper” is to reach excellent levels in your overall cyber security journey and never even have to wonder how to get rid of ransomware or any other malware for that matter. The reason you would not likely have to worry about the removal of malware is that you would have reached a superb web security level with many precautionary proactive cyber security measures in place.

Strong Passwords

Many see passwords as their primary cyber account gatekeeping entity, but in fact, a password can potentially be the weakest link in your cyber security chain. If you do not employ complex, strong passwords with a diverse set of characters, you risk getting ALL your PASSWORDS guessed, resulting in a “brute force” entry possibly to all of your accounts from your email, cloud accounts to your online bank account.

Even if you encrypt sensitive files such as Word and .docx file types with a password, all the hacker needs to do is decrypt and unscramble the information by successfully guessing or ‘cracking’ the document protected password. The cybercriminal will be able to view your most sensitive files from financials to a business plan if the password is compromised. So for that reason, the same cyber principles should be taken when encrypting such files.

Beyond Strong Passwords

Suppose your device is infected with malware such as a keylogger, no matter the level complexity in place your passwords become vulnerable. With a successful keylogger cyber attack the hacker will be able to collect the keystrokes you enter when authenticating against cyber services and encrypting and decrypting files and then access those services and accounts in an unauthorized manner.

VPN & Prosper

A VPN plays another significant role in your prospects to “Cyber & Prosper.” A VPN-protected device and network ensure that all your traffic data is PRIVATE, even when you are in a highly insecure WiFi network, such as in a mall, a downtown core and even your local café. Some VPN providers use the same encryption protocols (AES 256) employed by the U.S government and other security experts worldwide to protect classified information.

So you can rest assured that your personal “classified” Gmails are well protected.

Top VPN solutions use AES 256 and go to this extraordinary step to “mixing your traffic” with other VPN users, making it impossible for even the most ingenious hacker to access.

VPN Protocols

A great VPN solution provider generally will have several VPN protocols available, giving the customer a rich set of choices and an automatic setting to optimize the balance between security and speed.

Some of these protocols include:

  • Lightway
  • IKEv2
  • OpenVPN
  • WireGuard
  • L2TP/IPsec
  • PPTP
  • SSTP

Other Cybersecurity Areas to Look Into

  • Work From Home  – WFH security measures should be taken seriously.
  • Antimalware – An Antimalware solution that can prevent malware, such as keyloggers, is essential for basic cyber security.
  • Social Engineering – Social Engineering is often the most potent and effective in the hacker’s toolbox.
  • Firewalls – Firewalls, also known as security appliances, protect your network from malicious traffic often before it enters your home or office network or your home office, for that matter.