8 Ways Technology has Changed Poker

Poker and card games seem to be quite simple on the surface, and while technology hasn’t changed the essence of the game, it has transformed how we play and how we interact with other players.

Poker players love crypto, for instance, and cryptocurrencies have proven to be a match made in heaven regarding online casino games. Here are the ways technology is changing poker.


Cryptocurrency and the blockchain have exploded in popularity more than almost anything else over the past few years. The ability to transfer money quickly and safely in a matter of seconds has made casino payments and payouts better than ever before.

Many online casinos have also embraced cryptocurrency as a form of payment, and players are able to win crypto as well. As mentioned, safety is a huge concern for players and casinos, and the blockchain has added a level of protection not possible a few years ago.

Game Varieties

Back in the day, online poker was limited to one type and was instantly revolutionized with the introduction of Texas Hold Em’, a very popular variety in casinos. Online gaming has allowed for many new and different versions of the game.

Omaha Stud is a version that was born in the online poker world, and now there are dozens of different game types, if not hundreds, that can all be played in the same place. A casino would need hundreds of tables or rooms, while online casinos don’t have the same problem with infrastructure.

Live Gaming

One aspect of poker that many people love is being able to go to the casino, find a table, sit down and play. However, this isn’t always possible, and some say online poker doesn’t quite have the same feeling or give players the same experience.

That being said, live gaming rooms have been one of the biggest advances in online casinos, with players being able to join real tables and real dealers virtually. This is the perfect combination of being able to play at home and still get close to the casino experience.

Mobile Gambling

Mobile gaming has become bigger than anyone expected, much faster than we could have imagined too. It was only a few years ago when the most advanced game you could play was Snake; now, we can play full versions of League of Legends or Call of Duty on our phones.

Nowadays, you can play almost anything on your phone or mobile device, with many online casinos pivoting to focus more on the mobile market. You can play at any time, deposit and withdraw money, and get the same online casino experience in the palm of your hand.


Technology has vastly improved online casino security. As mentioned, blockchain has added another layer that is seemingly impenetrable, but even before then, cyber security was able to give players and casinos the peace of mind they needed.

AI is being used across the globe to improve security, with programs not only being able to stop threats before they can cause any damage but also learning to identify new ones and ensure they aren’t taken by surprise.


The metaverse, the virtual world that Facebook is creating, is already establishing itself as a place for businesses and brands to build a virtual presence in a way we haven’t seen before.

The metaverse will allow casinos to move into the virtual world, and instead of having a website or a brick and mortar building, they can have a combination of both. The metaverse will also be able to implement cryptocurrencies, playing into the benefits of the blockchain mentioned above.


When you combine the aspects of mobile gaming, online casinos, being able to use multiple currencies, including cryptos, and the huge spread of internet access, you find out just how accessible online gaming and poker have become.

No matter where you live, as long as you have an internet connection, you are able to log in and join a game. You are able to deposit and cash out instantly, an aspect many beginners and seasoned players like.

Future Possibilities

Technology will continue to improve and change how we game online. While some things will stay the same, the technology will only get better and refine what we see today. Either way, it is incredibly exciting to see what could be around the corner.