Lakers Are Favorites for Back-to-Back Titles

Led by the ageless and stellar Lebron James and his protégé Anthony Davis, the Los Angeles Lakers won the title in the NBA bubble last season in stunning fashion. Just one year after not making the playoffs, the James-led team made the right offseason moves and delivered a title.

It was a fitting end to a very troubled season, especially for the Lakers. The world of basketball lost the great Kobe Bryant in early January, and the NBA was shaken deep to its core. Then the coronavirus pandemic came and basketball was put to a stop. It took over a month for the NBA to restart the season in the Orlando bubble under specific guidelines.

Even before the bubble, the Lakers promised on a title. Lebron himself promised that he’ll win one for Kobe, and when that guy promises anything, he delivers. The Lakers fought off a brave Heat team in the finals, and according to the top Las Vegas bookies, they’re the favorite for back-to-back titles.

If you believe the same, you can join in on the action and take advantage of betting bonuses of bookmakers or online casinos and an outright bet on the Lakers. They look like a championship-ready team to many experts.

Can James Deliver Another LA Championship?

The Lakers are in the driving seat for another championship run in 2021. Bookies and experts agree on the same – there’s no team other than the Bucks flying as high as the LA Lakers. That was a distant reality two years ago when James came to LA, but it quickly turned into a fairytale that was orchestrated by general manager Rob Pelinka and undoubtedly with the help of James.

In just under two years, the Lakers went from a pretender to a contender and a champion. The Lakers’ odds (around +375) are even more impressive when you see how competitive the league has become. The East got a great new contented in the Miami Heat, for whom experts didn’t have great predictions. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will be back in action for the Nets this season, who are surely a contender with those two names.

Then there’s Boston, Philadelphia, and the Bucks, of course. Led by two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, they will surely want to get to the Finals for the first time. If they do, anything can happen. Let’s not forget the Washington Wizards who are aiming high after the Russell Westbrook trade.

However, the Bucks are currently the third favorite for the 2021 NBA title. The Lakers lead the way before the Clippers. The Bucks are third, and surprisingly or not, the Golden State Warriors rank fourth. While they were abysmal last year, they’ll surely be buoyed by the return of star point guard and former MVP Steph Curry. Unfortunately, they lost Klay Thompson to another full season injury, who will surely be missed. Still, the Warriors are flying high, especially with a healthy Curry on the roster.

The Denver Nuggets and Houston Rockets have a lot to prove too, so it’s a very loaded Western conference where anything can happen. Still, bookies have pipped the Lakers for another title, and we surely agree with them. Any team that has Lebron in its roster is a serious threat.

Who Wins the Title?

There’s no question that James, who just won TIME’s Athlete of the Year award, deserves a spot among the all-time greats. Many would place him the GOAT, although that’s a long debate that won’t fit in a single article. What we can safely say is that Lebron James fully deserves his MVP awards and titles, and he’ll be a contender for the rest of his career.

Even at 35, he’s been putting up spectacular numbers. James is a tour de force that can’t be stopped, and his wheels are rolling in the direction of a new title. The Lakers roster has been strengthened with Dennis Schroder and Montrezl Harrell, two players that will be of huge help to the already great team.

It will be a much tougher season than the last one, however, with many teams wearing a chip on their shoulders. LA’s city rival the Clippers have a new coach and will surely love to prove others wrong. This may be the Bucks’ final Antetokounmpo season. The reigning MVP will surely consider his choices if Milwaukee falters another time.

It will be a tough season, but from what we’ve seen so far, James can lead this team, and bookies know that well.