Indian Rummy Card Game

The Indian Rummy is by far, one of the Top 5 Most Popular Indoor Games of the country with its popularity only soaring higher once it went online. The game has been a hit in almost all Indian festivals and occasions for decades. As of now, it can be said that it is a part of the culture and is popularly known as ‘Paplu’, in desi lingo.

The Indian Rummy is a revised version of the Classic Rummy, with a crossover of Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. It is such an old game that it is quite a difficult task to layout its original foundation, which in itself, is another rich history. Unlike other Board cash Games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Ludo, Chess, Indian Rummy is more popular with Indians, both offline and online. The use of the internet has given it an extra boost by garnering more players engaging in the game online, from everywhere. You can join the craze as well by playing the Indian Rummy Card Game on our trusted and rewarding platform, RummyBaazi.

The Terminology of Indian Rummy Card Game

  1. Shuffle – Mixing of playing cards and waiting for those to be dealt so that you can show your skill.
  2. Discard – Discarding one card in each turn and forming a discard pile.
  3. Deadwood – The cards which couldn’t end up in a set or sequence.
  4. Count – Value of the sum of points in the player’s hand or the Deadwood’s point.
  5. Drop – Dropping out of the game before your turn comes.
  6. Sequence – Running numbers of the same suit.
  7. Pure Sequence – A sequence made without a Joker.
  8. Set – 3 or 4 cards of the same value that can have different suits.

What is the Joker’s Power?

A Joker is like a Wildcard. It has the ultimate power in the Indian Rummy Game as it can be made to represent any card as the player pleases. So, it can either be your ally or an enemy.

Rules of Indian Rummy

The Indian Rummy game has three separate versions, a 13-card version, a 21-card version, and a 10-card version. Since the 13-card version is the most popular, we will talk about its features.

The game has to be played with two decks of cards involving 2 to 8 players with a definite set of rules. The goal of the game is to set up all the cards in the right sequences and sets, with a minimum of 2 sequences, out of which one has to a pure sequence and the others may or may not be valid. The two decks should consist of 54 cards each including two Jokers.

The Goal of Indian Rummy

To create two sequences, out of which, one has to be a pure sequence.

The Start of the Game

Shuffle and deal the cards. A dealer will be appointed to shuffle the deck of cards and each player will get 13 cards each to play. In a free online rummy games, the shuffling will be automatic.

The Gameplay

Once the cards have been dealt, the dealer opens the top card for the game, which serves as a Joker.

Each player draws a card and discards one card in the same round. The number of cards in hands must remain 13 and be melded that is, form set or sequence.

Finally, a player can declare their cards if they make two sequences, out of which, one must be pure according to the Indian Rummy Game rules.

How does the scoring work in Indian Rummy Game?

The lesser points conclude the winner in the Indian Rummy. A player will be rewarded 0 points for all valid sequences. The remaining players are counted according to their ungrouped sets or sequences. The A, K, Q, J count 1p points, and the remaining count according to their face values. Jokers count 0 points.

If a player declares an invalid sequence in the game, they are given 80 points.


Rummy, in general, is a strategic game, mastered through practice and developed skills over time. But here are a few tips for a better chance to win your games –

  1. Make a pure sequence quickly with the help of Jokers as much as possible.
  2. Keep track of your opponent’s cards.
  3. Observe their discarded cards and strategize accordingly.
  4. Do not only keep track of your winning bets but make sure you remember your losses as well.
  5. Discard cards of high values if they are not needed or unable to form a set or sequence.

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