Ice Hockey Betting

Where is the best place to bet on hockey? What is the minimum bet size? How can I withdraw money from my account? Why should you trust N1Bet? The advantages of this bookmaker?

N1Bet, as the best bookmaker for Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world. This team game impresses with its entertainment, the skill of the players and gives an incredible charge of positive emotions. Volleyball betting offers a really good betting environment on this sport. Here you will find not only world competitions but also matches within the same country. The bookmaker tries to create comfortable conditions for each client.

Benefits of N1Bet

N1Bet is one of the most popular bookmakers that has tried to create good conditions for betting on Ice Hockey. The first thing that catches your eye is the rather restrained design, which uses only black, white, and red colors. Nothing distracts you here, you can easily figure out the coefficients.

N1Bet bookmaker accepts bets not only on Ice Hockey but also on several other sports, so you first need to find the discipline you are interested in. After that, you will see a list of upcoming competitions on which you can place bets. Here are collected the most significant matches that are very popular.

On the N1Bet website you can:

  • Place a bet on sports;
  • View the odds,
  • View statistics for the last few games and, based on them, estimate the probability of winning your favorite team;
  • Play in the casino.

N1Bet is both a bookmaker and an online casino, so you can invest the earned money not only in the following sports bets but also gamble on them. This will allow you to have fun and have a good rest.

You can deposit and withdraw money in any way available to you. The platform cooperates with a huge number of payment systems, so you can easily find the most suitable option. The money is credited to your account instantly, and you can immediately start betting on sports.

If you were able to correctly predict the outcome of the match, the money will be credited immediately after the winner is determined. You can order a withdrawal of funds. This may take a little more time since it is necessary to check all the details.

In general, N1Bet has already managed to prove that it works well and strives to make sports betting as affordable and profitable as possible for every fan.

Features of Ice Hockey betting

Ice Hockey is an incredibly popular sport that captures the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

A few words about the history of the game

Where exactly hockey appeared is still not known. Even the ancient Egyptians played a similar game on the grass for more than 4 thousand years BC. However, all researchers agree that the original ice game we know today was born in Canada – one of the coldest and snowiest countries in the world.

After England conquered Canada from France, soldiers brought the sport of field hockey here. Since in most parts of the country, winter is very snowy, and it gets warm only a few months a year, they tried to play on the ice here. It turned out to be even more exciting because it is necessary not only to keep an eye on the washer but also to skate well.

Gradually, this particular version of hockey began to enjoy particular popularity. In 1924, ice hockey was added to the list of Olympic sports. In addition, at that time there were a huge number of competitions aimed at finding out which team can be considered the most successful.

Fundamental rules

An ice hockey match has 3 halves of 20 minutes each. During this time, 2 teams, consisting of 25 players (6 are constantly on the field, the rest are on substitutions), try to score as many washers into the opponent’s goal as possible. The goalkeeper’s job is to defend the goal.

In addition to the teams, there is a refereeing panel on the ice, which records various violations, goals, and many other indicators.

Hockey is considered one of the most traumatic sports, as some players behave quite aggressively, there is a possibility of falling on the ice or getting hit by the puck. That is why all players have a very good defense.

How to bet on Ice Hockey?

If you want to bet on Ice Hockey on N1Bet, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Register;
  • Top up your account;
  • In the section “Sports” find “Ice Hockey”;
  • Choose an event that interests you;
  • Decide on which team you want to bet and how much;
  • Place a bet.

Usually, the whole process above does not take more than 10 minutes. When registering, you need to come up with a login and password, enter your email address and confirm that you are over 18 years old.

If you cannot build a forecast yourself, then you need to look at the statistics of the latest games. It can also be found on the website. If you wish, you should read the forecasts of other specialists, as well as find out the coefficient bookmakers. The opinion of professionals is often very useful, although it is not always correct. You should also trust your intuition.

The size of the bet depends on your personal preferences and confidence in the victory. The more you bet, the more you get if the team wins. But if you doubt that you have made the right choice, then it is better to put the minimum bet.


Ice Hockey is one of the most popular sports betting destinations. Today, a huge number of people are watching matches, guessing, and predicting their outcomes. Experienced fans can benefit from the success of their team.

N1Bet is a young but very promising bookmaker. Anyone can bet on sports here. It has the simplest interface, high odds, and pays money right on time.