Huawei Watch 3 Price – What You Need to Know

The Huawei Watch 3 is a smartwatch featuring a GPS and an optical heart rate monitor. It also includes stress tracking and sleep monitoring functions, and a skin temperature sensor, although the latter has not received FDA approval. Among its features, the Huawei Watch 3 price is equipped with fall detection and emergency SOS mode. In addition, it features an in-built accelerometer for quick navigation. This wearable device is available in many color and black and white models, and the price varies from one region to another.

Battery life

If you’re wondering how long the Huawei Watch 3 will last between charges, look no further. It has an impressive three-day battery life when connected to an Android phone, and up to 14 days when used in a special battery mode. But the battery life will depend on your usage – are you using the watch to track heart rate, skin temperature, or SPo2? Or are you just wearing it to get notifications? The battery life will depend on many factors, and we’ll go over the most important ones below.

In terms of exercise tracking, the Huawei Watch 3 is a solid device. Its bright screen ramps up to a higher brightness when outdoors. The heart rate sensor performed well when compared to a chest strap, but struggled a little with lower bpms. And the issue varied between workouts, so keep that in mind when choosing your workout. However, the Huawei Watch 3 is a great smartwatch for most people.


You can download the Huawei watch 3 apps to enjoy the convenience of heart rate monitoring on your wrist. While not medically-designed, these apps can provide useful guidance for fitness. The Watch 3 includes alerts, bpm limits, and dedicated Watch faces tabs for both Huawei’s Health app and its Fitness companion application. If you have an older version of Android, you can also get the app for this device from the Google Play Store.

The Huawei Watch 3 is a great smartwatch that can help you keep track of your workouts and fitness goals. It has 20 preinstalled sports profiles and can measure distance, time, and calorie consumption. You can also use it for reminders during training. With a simple click of a button, you can be reminded to work out and achieve your fitness goals. You can also use it for other activities like jogging or cycling, or even create presentations on it.

Operating system

During the first months of testing of the Huawei watch 3 Pro, we encountered some teething problems, but these were solved by later updates. Huawei also worked hard on the software experience on the watch. HarmonyOS is optimized for 3D crown operation, and features chic icons and clear menus. It is possible to customize watch faces and arrange tiles according to your preference. However, you must be careful not to confuse the watch’s functionality with its appearance.

The Huawei Watch 3 runs on the latest HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system, a custom version of Android, which is available for other smart devices as well. Unlike other Android-based smartwatches, Huawei has developed its own apps and built its own services instead of using Google’s GMS. Regardless of the fact that the Huawei Watch 3 costs more than the Apple Watch, it has a number of advantages that make it a good purchase.


The interface of the Huawei Watch 3 is inspired by the apple watch’s honeycomb grid interface. The Huawei Watch also supports list view. The watch’s icons look refreshing, but the AppGallery is limited in its app selection. There are few popular fitness apps, and a lack of GMS and Google Fit integration. But these issues can easily be remedied with time. For now, we are satisfied with the design and user experience of the Huawei Watch 3.

The Huawei Watch’s optical heart rate sensor, SpO2 sensors, and gyroscope provide accurate readings of heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. It also has a thermometer to monitor the skin temperature. The watch has a built-in GPS for navigation, and supports a variety of fitness routines. And because it is so light and water-resistant, it’s easy to take it with you.