How to Watch Netflix Content with VPNs

Entertainment is a special aspect of people’s lives. It frees up your mind—letting you feel fresh and good. For instance, watching movies and shows can elevate your spirit and inject more life into your daily activities. And that’s where Netflix comes in. Packed with an array of movies, Netflix offers you a chance to enjoy life non-stop. But wait, Netflix has a geo-restriction. This means that you cannot access movies via Netflix from all parts of the world. This can be an issue—especially to those who love traveling to different parts of the world. But you can still bypass Netflix with a VPN and take your entertainment with you. This article is going to give you the tips and tricks you need to watch your favorite shows on Netflix using a VPN. For more information, visit

Hiding Netflix Viewing Habits

There is no Incognito Mode on Netflix. Thus, if you were watching your favorite show all night, Netflix will show the Recently Watched as well as continue watching list whenever you use the service. However, there is a feature in Netflix that lets you remove titles from that viewing history of yours. This will keep your things private and your pleasures will be secret. You understand those funny, romantic, sex-related content. It should be your secrete. So, here is to remove your viewing history from your account: 

Log into your Netflix account. Then proceed to the top of your Netflix Viewing Activity area. You can use any Web Browser on a PC, Mobile, or even TV. From here, continue by scrolling through the viewing history. Then click the X icon that is located beside any title. You will have the titles removed from your viewing history within a day (24 hours).

Free VON: Can It Unblock Netflix

Of course, using a free VPN is tempting, but it’s not the best solution to unblock Netflix. First, the performance of the free VPN isn’t good. This is because the servers aren’t enough to serve all the users. Consequently, you can experience a near-permanent shutdown—which cannot support HD streaming from Netflix.  It also can be a great option for services like UWatchfree as well.

Secondly, Netflix has put in place sophisticated VPN detection algorithms that can block most of the VPNs—especially the free ones. Thus, it will be impossible to watch your content with free VPNs.

Thirdly, all VPNs must make money. They must generate income to support them in business. Thus, free VPNs will resort to other measures to get money. For instance, they might have excessive, intrusive ads that can severely interfere with performance. On the other hand, some free VPNs might consider generating money by storing tracked cookies on the user’s device. Consequently, they will create your profile and sell it to advertisers.

Finally, there is no trust in free VPNs. This is because they never put in place enough encryption features. Plus, some of them can leak information to DNS. Worse still, some free VPNs contain malware.

The Bottom-Line

Take your entertainment with you. Don’t let Netflix limit what you can watch and where you can watch it from. Employ the above tips and watch your favorite movies and even shows from wherever you are.