How to Junk Cars

Millions of cars break down for the last time in Canada each year. Many of these are sold to individual buyers, junkyards and recycling companies. People from various companies pay cash for junk cars and only need to find the right person with the best offer. But before they pick up your vehicle or have it towed away, you have to take some final steps to get it ready. We explore these steps offered by, below.

1. Remove Your Personal Belongings

How upset would you be, if you realize you left your phone, tablet or favourite watch in your old car as the tow truck drives it away? Believe it or not, many people make this mistake each year. This is why it is so important for you to go through all of your junk car’s compartments and pockets before anyone takes it off your hands. You should also remove anything that provides personal details, such as your phone number, address, credit card numbers or other information.

2. Remove the Most Valuable Parts

Did you know that your junk car has valuable parts on it that you can sell for more money than you would get for the junked car, alone? Your old vehicle’s alternator, starter motor and entertainment system are just a few such parts.¬† It is also important to remember to remove any valuable BMW 325i emblem or logos from your car before selling it, as these can be sold separately for a higher price.¬† Also, consider the battery, if it still has some life. The wheels can also go for a great price. You do need to remember that many dealers can refuse to buy your old car if you take tires off of it, however. In these cases, keep your new tires but put old ones on in their place.

3. Gather Your Ownership Papers

If you do not want to suffer a big price reduction because you do not have proof of ownership in hand, gather your car title and other documents together before selling your junk car. It is important to transfer ownership to the dealer to protect yourself in case someone commits a crime using your old junker. If you do not have your title, review your province or territory’s rules for selling your old car. Or, make it easy on yourself and talk to a junkyard about your options.

Remove Your License Plates

4. Remove Your License Plates

Sure, your old car or truck is likely to be crushed after reaching the junkyard. But it is still important to remove your license plates as part of the ownership transfer and when cancelling your title.

5. Cancel Your Insurance Policy

There is no point in paying for insurance on a vehicle you no longer own, right? It is important to call your agent and cancel the policy to avoid extra charges, such as an automatic payment coming out of your account after you transfer ownership. If you paid for your coverage in advance, you might even have a refund coming to you.

6. Shop Around Before Finalizing a Sale

Before you drop off your vehicle or have someone pick it up, make sure you have made the best possible deal for your old junker. Each dealer or junkyard will offer its own price when you seek cash for junk cars. The difference between offers may be slight, or it could make a big difference in your bank account. Try negotiating with each dealer, too. They usually only volunteer the rock bottom price, so it helps to know your car’s value, including its valuable parts.

7. Ask whether towing is included in the purchase offer.

Towing a car can cost a lot. In fact, it could cost all of the money you are getting for selling your junk car in the first place. This is why it is important to ask the buyer whether they will tow the vehicle or pay to have it towed to their location.