How to enhance your copywriting strategy to increase sales

The operational strategies of every brand since the dawn of time have always revolved around one goal: to increase sales, to generate more revenue. Over the years, this goal has been achieved in a variety of ways: with products of undeniable quality, with a great ability to satisfy consumer demand at the very moment when the need arises, and with an advertising strategy that knows how to adapt to a constantly changing society. From this point of view, the advent of the Internet (and social media) has changed the rules of the game, providing every company on the face of the earth – even the smallest – with the possibility of finding many more customers, and much more quickly, by searching for them among the millions of users who every day, every minute, browse websites, scroll through social media walls, or watch a video on Twitch or YouTube. Once upon a time, one of the main problems for all companies was the need to expand their audience, to find more customers in order to increase their sales and turnover. To some extent, this problem was solved by advertising campaigns, which provided the brand with some visibility through traditional media such as radio, television or print newspapers. Now that the problem of reaching people seems to have been almost entirely overcome – the features of social media and websites are in fact accessible to all companies, even small ones -, the real issue is the content and appearance of the message, i.e. the ways in which companies try to capture the attention of the (now easily reachable) potential consumer and lead him or her quietly towards a purchase, or at least to the performance of a meaningful action that can instantly turn him or her into a lead (such as following on a social media site, subscribing to a newsletter or downloading some particular content offered for free by the company).

Quality content

The content with which to grab new consumers (online and offline) must first of all be consistent with the style and image of the brand, or rather, with the audience’s overall perception of the brand or company in question. Sometimes, in order to stop a user’s attention, you do not need big graphic effects or expensive videos made by professionals: most of the time, in fact, people’s attention is stopped by words, by a series of words that for some reason seems more attractive and seductive to him than all the ones he has just read. The copy of your advertising texts must only have the purpose of seducing a potential buyer, without wasting time with unnecessary flutter or rhetorical affectation.

The power of copywriting

Let’s not just talk about the web: if your company needs special signage – as in the case of a restaurant or a business that sells food – you could consider creating an ad-hoc sign with a single, precise message, with the sole purpose of attracting more customers to your premises. You certainly do not need a lot of words: even five or six carefully chosen words could revolutionise your daily business, attracting many more people and thus generating many more sales. The quality of messages must also be high online, especially on social media: on these platforms, brands will have to create extremely short messages that are able to stop, even for a few moments, the attention of the user who is absent-mindedly scrolling through their social media feed. And in order to write such a message, one first needs to know one’s audience perfectly, their languages, tastes and cultural references. This way, seeing a curiously familiar text message will make the person more likely to stop and (perhaps) make a purchase on your e-commerce.

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The hearts of consumers can only be won in this way, with the quality of the content, with a fresh and familiar language that also knows how to entertain them, and with the promise (which absolutely must be kept) of an unforgettable user experience.