How to Enhance Saas Product Experience and Grow Your Business

Growing a SaaS company is hard work. Even though the SaaS industry reached a staggering $170 billion in 2022, many new products still struggle to establish themselves in the market and build a loyal following.

And a big part of the problem is not being able to create a seamless and convenient product experience that the target audience actually wants to use. If the product is difficult to use and take advantage of, most users will eventually leave for solutions that take the time to figure out their needs and strive to improve continually.

But how can you take your product experience to the next level? And how to leverage good customer experience to scale your business?

Let’s answer these questions below.

Utilize the Right Tools

Technology is the driving force behind most progress made in the SaaS world today. And because of that, it makes sense to utilize the right tools when trying to make your product experience better as well.

You can take advantage of powerful product experience management solutions that are designed to streamline the entire process of improving how your product looks, feels, and functions.

These solutions are designed to bridge the gap between your ideal customers and product, helping generate valuable insights about what could propel your SaaS product forward and help it become better than the competition.

At the same time, a product experience management solution can help create a comprehensive and consistent roadmap for implementing new important features, allowing you to cut down the time it takes to move through projects and ensure you make the most of the resources you have available.

Finally, by understanding data on a broader scale, you can identify trends and patterns that will ensure you are always ahead of the curve and can allocate resources towards improvements that can make the biggest difference right now and in the future.

Prioritize Communication

Managing product experience while trying to scale your SaaS business is a complicated process. So, for it to be successful, you need to ensure that every person on your team can effectively share information with others. 

That’s why figuring out how to communicate effectively should be a top priority within your organization. Only by implementing the core principles of good communication practices can you expect your team to effectively overcome obstacles and identify the most urgent product experience aspects that need to be improved.

For one thing, you need to work with your team to ensure that they communicate clearly and in a consistent way. Sharing information must be an efficient and quick process, so establishing the key tools and steps for sharing details with colleagues should be one of the first things you set up.

Another essential aspect of effective communication is context. The same information could be presented in many different ways, and the best approach in a specific situation will depend on the person, the setting, and the purpose of sharing the information.

Finally, when communicating, it’s crucial to anticipate the questions that the recipient of the info might have and try to address them upfront. This can reduce the back and forth and allow your team to minimize the time it takes to work through various challenges.

Ask For Feedback

The only way to make consistent improvements in product performance is to understand what your customers actually need and want. After all, there’s an infinite range of possibilities for improving your product, but most of them will do little to make a positive impact and might actually hurt the product experience you currently have.

Because of that, the only way to make gradual improvements that are more likely to pan out is to continually ask for feedback from your target customers. And today, there are many methods for collecting relevant, informative, and useful insights through feedback that you can apply to your product experience decisions.

But to ensure you get the most of the customer feedback you collect, there are a few important rules you should consider using.

For starters, a crucial part of success with customer feedback is asking for it at the right time. When it comes to product experience improvements, you want to ask for feedback when their experience is still fresh. So, if you want to improve the onboarding process, ask for feedback shortly after the customer has been onboarded. If you want to see how regular users like the more advanced features, ask those who have been around for longer and center the questions around the specific issues you want to identify and address.

Another crucial part of success with customer feedback is using multiple methods for collecting it. Sending an email is a good starting point, but you can also collect feedback through live chat, your website, social media channels, and other methods.

Bottom Line

An integral part of succeeding in the SaaS world is being able to make consistent improvements in your customer and product experience. After all, even if your product works well, it will only matter if users are actually using it and making it a part of their processes.

With the steps listed above, you should have a good starting point for quickly moving through project experience challenges and understanding the key issues that your customers want you to solve.