How To Ease Back Pain In the Office

Back pain in the office is almost always associated with desk jobs. These are jobs where you have to be seated all day, sign and sort papers, or click away at your keyboard. 

You’re almost always seated. All that sitting can be tiring, especially when you are not doing it correctly. Or you probably have a bad back posture (bad back posture is quite different from bad sitting posture). While we can’t all bring an inversion table to the office, there are a few other things we can do.

If you are having a bad posture or not, not sitting correctly can cause back pain for you. It could just be the dull ache you get after a few minutes, or it could be a sharp pain that would let you know you had to see a doctor, or a chiropractor, or possibly a surgeon. Here are a few things that you can do to ease back pain in the office.

Proper Sitting Posture

The thing to do to ease back pain in the office is to learn how to sit correctly, not just in the office but everywhere. Sit up straight. Remove your wallet and everything in your back pockets when you want to sit down. 

If your chair is already slacked backward, you should probably change it. The chair is often the guilty party if it is not tall or strong enough to support your weight. You could use a small pillow to soften it up while still sitting in the correct posture. 

You could also try adjusting the computer or your workstation. The angle of elevation and depression between your eye/neck and the thing you’re working on can be harmful too. You should check it.

Move Around Regularly

Moving around helps. Time yourself. After sitting for a few hours, you should take a break, stand up and walk around, stay active. And by active, I mean physically active. This will help to stretch out the muscles in your back a little. They won’t be so cramped anymore.

Get Comfortable Shoes

If your work does more walking around than sitting, you should invest in comfortable shoes, the kind of shoes that puts your heels and your toes on the same level. So that means no stilettos.

Make sure the shoes are super comfortable. The right comfortable shoes do not hurt your back. They give you comfort all through your work period. That’s why nurses wear orthopedic shoes, comfort over style. It is non-negotiable in their line of work

Exercise is Necessary

Exercise helps too. Fact, your entire health is also a large determining factor to it. Exercise, diet, and work/every other thing you do. Exercise would help you stretch your back and stay fit. If you do not want to lose your body shape, that’s understandable, but twenty minutes of jogging would do wonders for you. Exercises like planking, jogging, the bird dog, and the arch help are suitable for your back; Yoga works too.

Healthy Meals Work Wonders

Check the kind of food you eat. You can’t expect to eat whatever food or edible thing that was available to you and not have your back hurt. It would be best if you discarded these kinds of foods and eat healthy foods only.

Finally, Good sleep is essential. It would help if you tried to get at least six hours of sleep every night. See a doctor or a pharmacist for over-the-counter drugs if the pain doesn’t go away or get better.