How to Create Free Website Surveys?

Ecommerce is quickly taking over, especially in the post-pandemic era where people are well accustomed to shopping online.

In fact, the eCommerce market is expected to make up 22% of retail sales worldwide by the year 2023. Therefore, creating a website, when almost every business out there has one, isn’t enough. You must know what your visitors and customers expect to be able to align your website and brand with their preferences.

This brings us to the topic in focus today – Website Surveys.

Website surveys are revolutionizing online feedback since you can now enable your visitors to take the survey right on your website, without having to share their contact details. As a result, you can:

  • Conduct fresh market research.
  • Gather feedback on customers’ satisfaction with your products.
  • Get feedback on the quality of your customer service and agent performance.
  • Get feedback on the look and feel of your website.
  • Collect contact information and preference details for lead nurturing.
  • Identify conversion drivers and challenges.

Here’s what a website survey may look like:

There are some super reliable survey tools that allow creating website surveys for free. Looking to learn how? Read this article to understand.

Let’s get started.

How to Create Free Website Surveys?

If you want to create professional and intelligent surveys to collect feedback on your website, you will need a professional tool. The trick is to find a reliable survey tool that offers a free plan with the features that you’re looking for.

To make it easier for you, we have explained how you can use Zonka Feedback to create the most effective website surveys for free. You will need to begin by signing up for the free survey software to start using surveys.

Once that is done, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Survey

When you log in to your Zonka Feedback account, you will get access to the free survey builder where you can create website surveys without any coding or technical knowledge.

To create a survey that you will add to your website:

  • Choose the type of questions you want for your survey. You can create a Customer Satisfaction Survey, Net Promoter Score Survey, and Customer Effort Score Survey with different question types such as the Likert Scale, Comments, Dropdown, emoji scale, etc.
  • Explore 100+ templates to get your industry-specific surveys readymade. You can always edit the questions to get the most specific feedback, for example, feedback on a blog post on your website.
  • Edit the look and feel of your survey; add more questions, images, background photos, etc.

You can preview your surveys as you create them so you know how they would look on a website.


Step 2: Select the Free Website Survey Type

Once you have the survey ready, you can click on Distribute in the top menu and then select Web. Inside the Web, you can either select Widget or Embed.

Website Feedback Widget

A website feedback widget is a code snippet that you can add to your website code. You can add the feedback widget to one or more of your website pages and start collecting feedback immediately.

Types of Feedback Widget

Zonka Feedback allows adding different feedback widgets to your website for free, such as:

1. Feedback Button: A website feedback button survey is used to collect generic feedback from all website visitors. It can appear on one or more of your web pages to collect relevant feedback on the respective pages.

A feedback button appears constantly on the website and enables continuous feedback without taking up a lot of space on your web page. It also encourages unsolicited feedback, so your visitors can click on the feedback button if they experience a challenge and share their issues through the feedback button survey.

2. Pop Up: A website pop-up survey is used when you do not want generic feedback but specific feedback from specific audiences. For example, if you want feedback on the website design, you can set a feedback survey to be triggered once the visitor has scrolled through at least 70% of the page. Similarly, you can configure pop-up surveys to get the most specific and relevant feedback on events like cart abandonment, website exit without conversion, etc.

Once you select what kind of feedback widget you want, you can set its:

Appearance: Helps configure when you want your survey to appear to your target audience.

Targeting: Helps in configuring who you want to show your widget survey to.

Behavior: Helps in configuring how many times you want the survey to appear.

Website Embedded Survey

Unlike a feedback widget survey, an embedded survey is embedded directly into the web page, so everyone visiting the pages with an embedded survey can share their feedback. Embedded surveys are great for page-specific feedback, for example, purchase feedback surveys on the order confirmation page.

The advantage of using website embedded surveys is that it doesn’t leave the work to imagination. Your visitors can directly see the survey question, which may encourage them to share feedback.

Step 3: Add Survey to Your Website

Once you have selected the type of feedback widget you want, you will see a readymade code that you can simply copy and add to your website script. This ensures that you don’t have to type a lengthy code to add a customer feedback survey to your website.

Zonka Feedback Website Surveys

Website surveys are one the most important feedback tools for your business that can not only help improve your website but can also improve your brand as a whole.

Zonka Feedback’s website surveys are aimed at allowing brands to simplify feedback collection and analysis and yet collect the most insightful feedback that can actually help enhance the brand. Here are some outstanding Zonka Feedback website survey features:

  • Easy to use survey builder
  • Code-free surveys and customizable templates
  • 30+ Question types
  • Feedback across all CX metrics, including CSAT, NPS, and CES
  • Mobile responsive surveys
  • Reporting and analytics, survey response comparison, trend and sentiment analysis
  • All types of website surveys – feedback button, side tab button, pop-up survey, embedded survey, exit intent survey, and microsurvey
  • Integrations with business tools like Zapier, Zendesk, Intercom, Excel, Slack, Hubspot, etc.

Author: Kaumudi Tiwari

Author Kaumudi Tiwari

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