How to become anonymous on the Internet

The era of permissiveness and anarchy online is rapidly coming to an end. The new order must be met prepared and armed.

First, we should dwell on the question, but why do we need anonymity on the net?

Yes, indeed, anonymity is a personal choice of everyone, and many people do not need it, and some, for example, public figures, simply can not afford it because of the nature of their activities. Others, on the other hand, may desperately need it, for security reasons, to carry out their public, civic or political activities. In addition to these polar opinions, there is a vast majority of users who simply do not like to be spied on.

Is it possible to be anonymous online?

I want to upset you right away – complete anonymity on the net is practically unattainable. Each computer has its IP address, by which you can identify the owner and his actions. Yes, the process of identification can be greatly complicated, but completely avoided, without special technical means, which are not available to mere mortals, it is practically impossible. Keep this in mind.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that we should give up. The situation is similar to protection against thieves. Although no lock cannot be opened, it is in our power to make the process so difficult and time-consuming that no burglar, without an urgent need, will take it on. Let’s see what we can do.

Organizational measures

1. Get yourself another account

Today email has become a universal identifier for the online user. So, first of all, you should take care of a second (third, fourth) email address. It can be as simple as an extra Gmail account, or one of the special email services described in this article. After that, register new social media accounts and other necessary services on it. Never mix up your public and private profiles.

2. Don’t use domestic services

I have nothing against our search, email, and social sites, in many ways they are even better. The only thing they are worse than that, if necessary, interested people or agencies can scratch out the information they need about you quite easily. So don’t use the services of the country you live in.

3. Change your connection location

If you want to make the work of potential stalkers even more difficult, then don’t sit at home, but take a walk in the neighborhood. The attentive and thoughtful search will prompt you dozens of available cafes, computer clubs, libraries from which you can use the services of the Internet without risking revealing your real and network address.

Software methods

1. Proxy servers

Simply speaking, a proxy is a service or program that mediates between you and the website you are requesting. In other words, all your surfing requests will only be addressed to one server, and it will send them to the other server.

2. VPN

Virtual Private Network is several technologies and methods that make it possible to create a special encrypted and untraceable channel between the user and the Internet. This allows you to hide your real IP address and become anonymous, as well as encrypt your traffic. Within the framework of this article, we will not dwell on the deciphering of the peculiarities of different VPN protocols, we will only note that this method, in general, is quite reliable and easy to use. If you are interested in this method, you can see the best VPN services in 2021 here

3. TOR

TOR is a network of routers and software designed specifically to provide anonymity to users. Roughly speaking, using this technology, your request to a website and the response from it pass through a chain of proxy servers in such a convoluted and complicated way that it’s almost impossible to track down the client.


This article has not enumerated all the methods of anonymity online, but even they are enough to make it much more difficult for your enemies, persecutors, or regulatory bodies.

But the most important defense mechanism is undoubtedly located in your head. Think, think and think again, before you post pics, post information about yourself, download anything, or upload to the net.