How Much Money Can You Make From Online Casino Bonuses

There are many reasons why gamblers choose some online casinos over others. It can be a matter of loyalty, branding, or user interface. However, one of the primary factors gamblers consider is the kind of bonus offered by a given casino. Higher or more lucrative bonuses can tempt gamblers to try new online casinos or even new games.

The structure of the bonus offered by any online casino is also a factor that prospective patrons consider. Certain types of bonuses can be more or less advantageous depending on an individual’s playing style, the game of choice, and level of expertise. For this reason, gamblers analyze different bonuses carefully to understand how each works and how they can maximally benefit.

One of the most common bonuses offered by online casinos is the refer a friend bonus. This bonus comes into effect when a user refers a new user to a specific casino or game, normally in the form of a referral link or code. While the specific perks of the bonus vary depending on the casino, it comes as no surprise that online casinos are incentivizing users to generate referrals.

Many online casinos also offer free spin bonuses for players to use on slots. Typically also offered to new users, free spin bonuses represent another way for online casinos to incentive onboarding. 

Online casinos also often offer lucrative matching bonuses, in which the casino will match a new user’s deposit. There are also no deposit bonuses. These bonuses offer a way for a new user to try out a casino without placing a deposit at all.

While it’s quite unheard of to approach a traditional casino and ask them to match your deposit (great guide, here), it’s something that is readily available at online casinos. In this way, bonuses represent another differentiating factor of online casinos, when compared with traditional casinos and their policies.

One fact that’s easy to overlook about bonuses at online casinos is that many bonuses can be transferred over to other sister casinos. Since many online casinos share a parent company, many bonuses can be transferred over between different casinos to maximize enjoyment and winning chances.

Loyalty bonuses are also often implemented and many online casinos. These bonuses are issued to loyal users who continue to play at the same casino for a long period of time. While the reason for these bonuses is different than new user bonuses, their structure is often the same.

According to Lucian Marinescu at OnlineCasinoGems, loyalty bonuses often consist of free spins or monthly matches of a player’s deposit. They are used to retain existing users, rather than target new ones.

Another breed of loyalty bonuses is implemented when a casino launches a new game. In order to populate the new game with existing users on the platform, the casino will often offer bonuses to existing users to play the newly introduced game. 

The fact that online casino bonuses are such an important variable that gamblers consider begs the question: how much money can you actually make from online casino bonuses?

The answer, however, is dependant on many different factors. Potential winnings from bonuses depend on the kinds of bonuses pursued, the strategy with which they are applied, and if the player is capable of using expert betting patterns. 

Many gamblers are excited about taking advantage of a new and lucrative bonus, and this excitement can compel them to take risks above their win goals. In order to maximize winnings, it’s important not to let a new and exciting bonus play on your emotions. 

Besides the temperament of the user, another factor that impacts the amount of money won is the number of bonuses and the number of casinos the user targets. Related to this, the user’s preferred game of choice is also a key variable.

Aside from all this, there a variable of pure luck involved. Without getting into technicalities, there are limits to the amount of money a user can place a bet while still maintaining favorable odds when taking advantage of a bonus.

While a bonus of $25, for example, can provide a user favorable odds that overcome the normal house edge for bets of a certain size, there is a point of diminishing returns after which it no longer does. The dollar amount to bet that maximizes expected profit by minimizing the effects of the house edge can be arrived at by using a number of different online calculators. Such tools are likely to become more common as different tech trends become more prevalent in online gambling.

Despite all these different factors to consider, given the number of bonuses on offer by so many different online casinos, the amount of money that can potentially be won from bonuses is tough to overstate. A gambler that strategically takes advantage of many different bonuses and offerings potentially stands to win thousands of dollars per month or more, especially if he has lady luck on his side. A player that treats each bet like a strategic investment, can win huge sums.

What’s important is that a user does the due diligence to know when they are properly using the bonus of their choice to overcome the casino’s in-built house edge. Many of these strategies can be learned from useful online guides for different games (here’s a good one). Finding the right guide for your game of choice will allow you to crunch the numbers when implementing your bonus.

It’s important for players to keep on track of developing trends in technology to make sure that these strategies are kept up-to-date. New technologies can sometimes have a disrupting effect that influences which strategies are most effective, and even which bonuses are most advantageous (super in-depth discussion here).

To sum up, the actual dollar amount that can be won from all bonuses is impossible to calculate given the number of casinos offering a place where you can find great bonuses to enroll in online games. However, given so many options, that dollar amount is unquestionably very high for a player that knows how to implement the right strategies.