How is the situation with betting in India now amid COVID-19

The pandemic has given a boost to the online gaming industry, according to experts in the field. Of course, online betting began to gain popularity even earlier, but it was the emergence of several restrictions due to the spread of coronavirus infection that contributed to the fact that gambling, like many other areas of life, began to actively develop online. In particular, specialists of the popular bookmaker Parimatch, which operates in several countries of the world, confirm this.

Thus, the turnover of the online betting platform Parimatch increased by 33%. And this applies to both sports betting and online casinos and other gambling popular among users. In particular, in India, the vast majority of users prefer betting on cricket as one of the most popular sports. The bookmaker offers a large number of events for betting, for example, the expected confrontation between the Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals teams in the Indian Premier League for men’s cricket IPL 2022, which will begin on March 26 this year in India. In addition, you can choose other competitions that are of interest to you, which take place within the framework of the Premier League and try your hand at predicting the outcome of an event. In general, ten teams from ten Indian cities will take part in this event. The approximate IPL schedule is already freely available on the network, although it has not been officially announced at the moment.

Thus, even with the most severe quarantine regulations in place, every devoted fan of a certain sport has a great opportunity to take part in a large-scale competition directly. And all that is needed for this is access to the Internet, a computer, or any other gadget, and a few minutes to register in the service to gain access to the user’s account.

How the pandemic has affected the sports betting industry

The pandemic has greatly changed the gaming industry and the field of sports betting. According to experts, last year was great for the online gambling market, despite the pandemic. Since people were left at home without a proper idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir future, as well as of humanity in general, they needed to engage in activities that bring them happiness and pleasure.

While everyone was watching more and more Covid-19 restrictions imposed by their local governments, they were trying to find new activities for themselves that would help cope with the health crisis and its consequences. As a result, many people turn to online games and gambling entertainment. In this case, they have a double benefit – and allow you to relax and do interesting things, and allow you to profit from your knowledge in the sports industry.

According to experienced experts, in the future, the popularity of online betting will constantly increase, and this area will develop rapidly. In addition, the official legalization of online betting would also be a significant step towards improving the situation not only in India but also in many other world states.