How Does Modern Technology Help With Personal Injury Claims?

In terms of road traffic, the United States is among the busiest countries, with approximately 284 million vehicles (including motorcycles) currently operating. Every state has its own set of road safety and traffic rules and regulations, including mandatory insurance policies to ensure everyone’s well-being.

Even so, the number of road accidents or motorcycle collisions is on the rise. In 2019, around 12.15 million vehicle accidents were reported in the US. Unfortunately, the number of road accidents per one million people is expected to exceed 7,100 by 2025. If you or your loved one is involved in such a devastating crash, it is essential that you consult a personal injury attorney and file a claim.

However, proving the other party’s fault in the accident is easier said than done. Their attorney or insurance company might try to settle the claim in a way that’s not beneficial for you. Thankfully, you can reap the benefits of modern technology to win your case or get rightful compensation.

Are you wondering how? Continue reading to know!

What Type Of Compensation Can You Get?

Using the below-mentioned modern technologies, you can easily find evidence that’ll ensure the success of your case. The compensations you’ll be able to get include:

  • Medical and physical therapy bills
  • Lost wages
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress
  • Psychological or psychiatric treatment
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of consortium or spousal support

How Can Technology Help Your Case?

Typically, an accident case includes two elements: liability and damages. As the name suggests, liability is related to the person who caused the accident. And damages are related to the economic and non-economic recovery of injured parties. To prove the defendant’s breach of duty of care, you must engage a motorcycle accident attorney and collect authentic and factual evidence. This evidence often includes photographs, black box recordings, CCTV footage, and more. Needless to say, all this evidence is accessible only because of modern technology.

Besides these, you and your attorney can also make use of the following technology to strengthen your case.

Event Data Recorder (EDR)

Did you know that almost every motor vehicle manufactured within the past five years includes Event Data Recorder (EDR)? Better known as a black box, this device helps collect and retain vehicle information before and after the collision. It is mandatory for all vehicles manufactured after September 1, 2014, to install this device. The information you can access using EDR includes:

Speed of vehicle before and after the accident

Braking pattern of the vehicle before and after the accident.

With each passing year, this technology is advancing. For instance, some EDRs also have sensors installed under driver and passenger seats. It helps in recording the weight of an individual sitting. The device plays a significant role in determining which party was at fault during the collision. So, you must collect the information from EDR and use it to improve your case. Learn more.

Mobile Application

Your mobile phone is one thing that you carry almost everywhere you go. It is a crucial tool to learn about the road map, crowded areas, traffic, and damaged roads. But that’s not all! You can also find mobile applications that help get information regarding the vehicle’s speed, sound, location, gravitational force, pressure, and more. Basically, the application uses the difference between environmental conditions such as deceleration rate, noise, and speed to identify or detect the possibility of collision.

Similarly, there are applications that use accelerometer data to detect accidents. The systems are designed in such a way that it sends pre-recorded messages to the nearby hospitals or emergency services available. This way, the medical service providers can reach the incident spot on time.

The data collected from the applications can be used as evidence to prove the fault of the negligent party.

Navigation System

Similar to mobile applications, developers are upgrading the navigation system that helps report the incident to hospitals and medical institutes. This approach aims to use a real data set of vehicle accidents from the Road Safety Open Repository. The comparison and analyses of the report will help get accurate results, assisting the parties involved.

Not to forget, Global Positioning System (GPS) or Global Navigation Satellite Systems are widely used in a number of applications, particularly related to the positioning and navigation of vehicles. It helps get information about the vehicle’s position and send the same information to the cloud servers.

To Sum It All Up

Modern technology, applications, and software help in adding convenience to life. As more developments are taking place in different fields, including roads and transportation, seeking justice has become easier. So, you must work with your attorney and use these technologies mentioned above to get your personal injury claim.