How Do I Add Signature to PDF without Adobe?

Signing documents is a responsible stage of any activity that requires maximum attention and a careful approach. It is important to keep all information confidential with the assurance that no unauthorized person will get hold of it.

Quite often, companies and ordinary users are afraid to trust any other option for signing documents other than in person.

The truth is, technology and total modernization are making adjustments to the plans of others and offering new ways to sign documents without compromising their confidentiality and other important points.

An electronic signature is an opportunity to move away from the usual methods of signing contracts, optimize a number of processes, and be sure of reliable data storage. With the help of a gadget, you can quickly create an electronic signature without wasting time and energy on face-to-face meetings.

Create a Signature via Online Service

It should be understood that an online signature is not just about symbols. First and foremost, it is a mark that has a reference and link to a certain person. A special key certificate makes it possible to create an electronic signature.

Quite often users wonder whether a digital signature has legal force. We can safely assure you that according to all legal regulations and standards, this method of signing documents is equal to the traditional one and is deemed to be fully legal.

This method enables users to have considerable time savings and minimizes personal effort in queues at state institutions or meetings for signing contracts. Everything can be done from the comfort of your home or office and the procedure requires very little time.

You can draw a document at any time without much effort. All you have to do is fill in the necessary data and sign the document.

This method helps to optimize work processes and does not cause any difficulties.

Advantages of Online Signature

Businesses are well aware that the issues related to documents are among the most important in any activity. It is essential not only to carefully formulate its content, and read every detail but also to sign it quickly without delaying other employees.

When the procedure involves face-to-face meetings, it can be extremely difficult to do this quickly enough. Printing out the paper, meeting in person, signing it, and sending it takes a long time. You can optimize the process with an online signature, which enables you to complete the same processes in a matter of minutes.

Another advantage of the method is the possibility to store the created signature on your gadget and resort to using it quickly if necessary.

Where Can I Use an Electronic Signature?

Before deciding to create a signature, it is important to know all the areas where it can be used. The list can be long. Let us give just a few examples:

  • Signing agreements or contracts;
  • Processing employment documents while hiring employees;
  • Filling out tax returns;
  • Creating reports for the tax authorities.

There are a lot of services that enable users to draw online signatures but you should choose only the most reliable and safe one.

Pandadoc allows you to quickly make electronic signatures for the necessary documents while reducing time and costs. The service is quite easy to work with and you can learn its main features from the first day. The key features include:

  • The fast signing of the necessary papers;
  • Digital circulation of documents will be optimized;
  • Possibility to control document signing and editing;
  • It is possible to certify identity on different online services.

Business owners need to adapt to the technology being implemented and take it to work without delays. It is the responsiveness that helps a business stay afloat and be successful in the competition is a website that can help you work quickly with your documents and speed up your work processes considerably.