How Digital Marketing and SEO can keep your Business Alive in COVID-19?

2020 did not go as we all expected, at least as the businesses and economic sector expected. COVID-19 outbreak sabotaged the businesses and nations across the globe. From SMEs to well-established international franchises, every business entity suffered. Most of the industries had to fire half of the workforce, and the remaining ones had to settle for reduced salaries. COVID-19 has turned into an economic emergency on a global scale.

You are not alone in this struggle, but with appropriate strategies, you cannot only keep your business afloat, but there are some chances of growth as well. The current situation does not mean that you need to quit growth operations or stop production. It’s time to pivot your marketing strategies and start focusing on digital marketing and SEO.

Search Engine Marketing-SEM

Have you ever realized the strength of search engine marketing or SEO? During the pandemic, businesses have started investing more budgets on hiring digital marketing agencies like Edkent Media than their business operation. For most of the businesses, this period was all about staying alive in the market while others were sinking. Investing in SEO is not like running a Facebook ad campaign for some quick leads. SEO is a long shot, and you are going to enjoy the results for the rest of the financial year.

Hiring an SEO Agency for effective Strategies

When the traditional marketing channels are not working, and the customer’s buying behaviors are changing, you need expert marketers who can showcase your business to the world. As users are spending more time on social media, all local businesses are going to rush towards Facebook and Instagram for ad campaigns. Hiring an SEO marketing agency will ensure that resources are focused on all fronts, whether it is social media marketing and SEO

When everyone is browsing the web to find food delivery services, groceries, and other essentials, a digital marketing agency will ensure that your business is listed in the right category. Having your business listed in Google is more critical than ever.

Reasons to Invest in SEO during COVID-19

Let’s see how marketing trends changed with the virus outbreak and why businesses started relying on digital marketing agencies. Cutting marketing spends was the very first mistake made by most businesses. There has been an 8.7% to 14% decrease in the marketing spends across the globe. Only 7% of the global businesses realize the opportunity to thrive in these hard times, and they hired SEO experts and digital marketing agencies to fight back. Businesses that decided to stick to their marketing strategies or invested more in digital marketing agencies have experienced a huge hike in their revenue streams. Here are some reasons why you need to seek help from digital marketing agencies for low-cost marketing with SEO.

SEO is a low-cost alternative to paid campaigns

Redirecting your marketing budgets to SEO instead of social media marketing and other channels is a smart move. When we talk about cost-effective marketing, SEO is always the first pick. SEO strategies will continue to drive customers and traffic, unlike paid advertisements.

SEO is a low-cost alternative to paid campaigns

Ecommerce is dominating

Ordering products and items online is not a luxury anymore as authorities are promoting online shopping to avoid social gatherings. When the demand for online shopping is booming, you need the right tools to seize the opportunity. Even if you did not have an online presence before, digital marketing agencies and SEO specialists could help you with eCommerce goals.

Spotlight is on local businesses

Limited movement and social distancing have forced customers to rely on local businesses and delivery services. Queries like “near me” are at the top as more consumers are started buying online from the local business since the lockdown. Optimized Google My Business listings are one of the greatest perks of hiring digital marketing agencies. Today’s little investment in SEO can bring huge ROI even after the pandemic period.

Spotlight is on local businesses

What you should do ASAP

If you have not started focusing on SEO yet, it’s never too late. Instead of sitting back, get ready to seize the growth opportunity, and hire the SEO experts with the proven portfolio. SEO is just like a tree, growth will take time, but once it is ready, you will enjoy fruit for years.