How Can I Choose The Best Digital Ads Platform To Maximize My Digital Advertising Goals?

When it comes to advertising, the digital space is now a must. According to recent research, digital advertising accounted for 64.4 percent of total advertising last year. For businesses that are just making a foray into the digital advertising world or that are reassessing their digital marketing strategy for the coming year, their ad platform of choice is a key component to just how effective their digital advertising ends up being in the future. Some may even argue that a business’ choice of ad platform is just as important as writing the ideal digital ad copy. In fact, it is not just important for businesses to get the wording right in their digital ads but also critical that the outlets they choose are suitable if they want to maximize impact.

Define Your Target

Each ad platform will have different targeting options which will define how effective your ads are. On social media platforms like Twitter, you can use keyword targeting to target your ads to certain spaces you want them to be featured in. Others allow for broader targeting but this can also come with lower conversion rates. Those looking to maximize ROIs, conversion rates and, profitability of their advertising would be better off choosing a conversion- focused platform. It would also depend on your choice of ads. Those choosing to use video targeting will normally organize viewers in terms of their online behavior and habits.

Narrow It Down To Your Ultimate Goal

Before you can move forward with choosing a digital ad platform and designing your digital ad campaign, businesses must first be clear on their digital marketing aims. Are you looking to build on brand awareness or introduce a new brand? For instance, more established brands can have good results with Google Ads. Those looking to scale their advertising space can easily buy more space from publishers with Google AdX. Meanwhile, businesses with lower brand awareness may benefit from the use of Facebook Ads since it is displayed after every 5 posts.

Figure Out Your Core Target Audience

A key part of making your digital advertising campaigns successful is knowing your target audience. Think about who your ideal customers are and who you want your digital advertising campaigns to reach. Mapping out your target audience will also help you narrow down the ideal digital ad platforms according to demographics. The use of analytics can help you with this. For instance, Facebook is known as an effective marketing platform for businesses marketing to teens. Similarly, Youtube Kids has gained a reputation for being a popular digital ad platform for younger kids.

Finally, feel free to continuously review and revise the suitability of the ad platforms you choose as audiences, impacts and conversion metrics can change over time. This in turn, changes the effectiveness of digital advertising on that platform. Letting your market research take the lead is the best approach to ensure you make the right choice.