Home Upgrades: Things to Know about Cabinet Refacing

You cannot imagine a home without cabinets. After all, you need them to store various items, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Since getting rid of dull cabinets from the kitchen or bathroom tends to be expensive and complicated, you can choose an alternative way to deal with this issue. Did you hear of cabinet refacing? It offers you all the benefits of a new storage system for a cheaper cost and work. The average price for this task can be USD$7,132. But it can also be USD$4,292 on the lower side and USD$9,974 on the higher. Different factors can influence it, the extent of work, labor charges, quality of the material, etc.

Another thing that can be useful to know is that refacing kitchen cabinets can be costlier than bathroom cabinets because of the larger footprint. Hence, it makes more sense to take everything into account and understand this process thoroughly.

Cabinet refacing

This process involves changing the finish, doors, drawers, and hardware of the cabinets. Contractors do repairs wherever required to create fresh-looking storage systems for almost half the replacement price. Although it is an affordable choice, you must not pursue this if the old cabinets show signs of damage or improper functioning. It is also best to avoid this if you want to have a different layout. Cabinet refacing only ensures an updated look. It is more about cosmetic improvement than practical. However, after the work completes, your kitchen can feel like a different place altogether with only this type of change.

Cabinet refacing VS replacement

Cabinet updates can happen through refacing, replacement, and refinishing. As mentioned, a refacing project can typically be USD$4,000 to USD$9,000 worth. It is almost 30 to 50% cost-effective than replacing the cabinets. You can ask the contractor to give your storage new paint, texture, doors, drawers, hardware, finish, etc. There can be minor structural rectifications too. These may stay in the same place while going through this facelifting process. Replacement involves redesigning the layout with the choices of various cabinets. In this project, multiple things will matter, such as flooring, lighting fixtures, countertops, etc. These may need to get adjusted as per the new plan.

To be precise, you get rid of the old cabinet boxes to make room for new ones. You may want to replace or renew an old cupboard if you plan to buy an easy to clean undermount bowl, for instance. The undermount configurations require enough space under the cabinet for a firm installation. However, the existing system can stay if the earlier sink was also a similar model. Anyway, replacement work can cost about USD$4,500 to USD$18,000.

Factors contributing to cabinet refacing costs

Material quality

Some popular choices include veneer, natural wood veneer, and laminate. Laminate is the most affordable option, but it may not withstand much pressure. With natural wood, you don’t have to worry about durability. The ultimate price of these materials will also depend on the amount of cabinet refacing work and the local rates. Generally, laminate can be nearly USD$91 per linear foot. A premium quality veneer can be USD$193 per linear foot and natural wood USD$454 per linear foot on average.

Room size

Large kitchens would naturally have more cabinets, and hence, you will have to pay more. A full-size kitchen cabinet refacing project can amount to anywhere from USD$7,000 and USD$12,000.

Labor charges

It involves preparation also, due to which this type of update can take some time. A contractor has to measure all the cabinets correctly before dismantling the doors and drawers. Sanding happens after this only. Once they finish this, they can apply a new finish, new doors, hardware, and other features. Suppose your project is worth USD$7,000 to USD$12,000. So, you can estimate labor charges for such amount of work to be anywhere from USD$4,500 to USD$7,500.

Countertop refinishing

There will be some additional charges also. Updating countertops can be one of them. After cabinets get a facelift, the old countertops can jut out and look awkward. So you may have to look into this also. If you reface the countertop with laminate, the cost for this can go up to USD$400 or more. Don’t forget to pay attention to color coordination.


Refacing is just one part of the story when it comes to improving the style and condition of the old cabinets. After the new boxes are ready, you may want to enhance them a bit more with lighting, crown molding, glass inserts, etc. Adding racks, hideaway bins, or other features can also have a cost.

New hardware

The existing knobs and handles may have lost their shine after heavy use. To avoid their dated vibe, you have to get new hardware for your cabinets. The price can vary based on what you select. You can buy a handle for USD$1 to USD$100 based on its design and material. Experts say that hinges are cost-effective as they can be available for up to USD$ 25.

Advantages of cabinet refacing

The kitchen tends to be a busy place of the house. If it is an open floor plan, you can spend additional time chatting with your family or guests. The presence of old cabinets can be uninviting. Refacing can seem to be the best option to do away with them. Full remodeling efforts require time and money. But refacing can ensure a fresh look without costing a high sum. You can select preferred styles and get this job done faster too. Also, people feel it is more eco-friendly than other techniques. So it is another advantage to look forward to and enjoy.

Whether you want to change the dreary look of your kitchen or bathroom, updated cabinets can achieve your goal effortlessly for a lower amount. You don’t have to spend too much time also to get the desired outcome. Hence, it can be money, time, and energy-saving effort. Since larger remodeling projects tend to be both money and time-sensitive, you cannot remain at ease. But with this smaller-scale work, you can expect things to get ready quickly.