Find out Whether the Relationship Is Serious & Should You Move on with Her

Is a serious relationship a norm today?

No, it is not because most people tend to create a part-time relationship, however, it does not mean that true love does not exist. Long-term relationships are becoming a rarer and rarer phenomenon which is not that good if compared with a serious relationship. There are more advantages if you are looking for serious relationships than disadvantages. To tell the truth, even pick-uppers that have only short-term relationships are dreaming about a serious relationship. Let’s figure out the main elements of your first serious relationship. And if you want to renew your spiritual belief and rediscover the true essence of love as what Jesus Christ taught to people thousands of years ago, just check out this link about the apostolic Pentecostal church.  

The signs of serious relationship

Sign 1. She is loyal to you

If you wonder whether a casual relationship can become serious, the answer is positive. If a woman keeps being loyal to you after a long time of dating or even if you see that other guys want to be with her but she refuses them all because she has you, you would better treat that girl more seriously. She might be your only true love if she behaves this way and accepts you the way you are.

Sign 2. She does not try to change you

Even if it is her first serious relationship after divorce and she does not try to change you to be the way she wants you to be, it means that she likes you as a whole and will never try to see someone else in you.She will never compare you to other guys if she loves you the way you are. Therefore, she will not want to change you at all.

Sign 3. She respects you

She respects you

If you say that you want a serious relationship, you should always be looking for a lady that sees a man in you and respects you. You should be a real leader for her, and she must not treat you like a little baby that cannot cope with its work, hobby, and etc. Therefore, if you have found a woman that treats you as a man and leader, you have found a real treasure.

Sign 4. She can pay her bills

You might have serious relationship questions and it is normal. She must be quite an independent person and able to pay her bills. There is nothing worse than marrying a woman who cannot earn money because she is lazy. If your woman is not sick and insane, you would better motivate her to earn money herself. For instance, you might need her money in case you fall ill because you never know when something bad might happen to you, so you must always be ready.

Sign 5. She does not smoke or drink alcohol

If you are looking for a charming lady on a serious relationship dating site, it might be difficult to figure out whether she drinks alcohol or smokes. It would be better to ask her directly if she does before you begin to date. We guess you understand that if a woman wants to give birth to a healthy baby, she must give up smoking and drinking alcohol, at least, while she is pregnant. If you do not want your baby to be with some disabilities, you would better find a woman who does not smoke or drink alcohol.

Sign 6. She respects her father

She respects her father

Her father might have left her when she was very little or died, but her attitude to him still must be positive. She must forgive him before she begins a serious relationship with you. If you do not want her to repeat her father’s mistakes, you would rather wait till she treats her father with respect and is grateful to him that he gave her a present of being alive. Psychologists say that if a woman cannot forgive her father, she will behave with a man and children the same way as her father did. You would better encourage her to visit a psychotherapist and talk about her pain and help her let it go.

Sign 7. She wants you physically

If there is awesome chemistry between you, our congratulations! It is absolutely normal for a woman to want a man and be dreaming about sex. However, if the only thing that she is interested in sex, she might be a promiscuous girl. You will not be able to build a serious relationship with a frivolous lady. Never try to seduce her before marriage, however.

Sign 8. You are best friends with each other

Friendship is not bad. Moreover, if you are able to both like each other physically and as a person, your relationships will always have a future and be healthy. It is much better to be in a marriage with a woman that wants you and likes you. Therefore, treat her like a precious stone if she is able to be friends with you. However, if she says to others that you are just a friend and not more, you would better find another girl because she is not ready to move on with you.

Sign 9. She is kind

She is kind

It is always beneficial to be with a woman who is sensitive and kind to other people, especially, to those who are the poor and needy. If she participates in charity programs or volunteering, you would rather treat that woman more seriously because she has a heart and knows how to love others who cannot respond to her back the same.

Sign 10. She has a sense of humor

It is a big plus if she can make you smile or when you can make her laugh. A similar sense of humor logic is a feature that will make your relationships stronger and healthier. Therefore, you should cultivate your sense of humor and often use it.

Sign 11. She is an interesting person to talk with

If she has some interests and hobbies that are different from yours, good for you because you can always ask her to tell you something interesting about her life. If she is smart and able to ask witty questions, it would be even more fun to communicate with her.

Sign 12. She has boundaries

She has boundaries

It is very beneficial when a girl does not let you kiss or hug her. Just imagine you and her in marriage. Of course, she will not let another man have sex with her. You should value her ability to refuse the temptations and even refuse to you. Just wait till you marry and have more serious relationships.

The bottom line

One more feature of a girl or woman with whom it would be better to build serious relationships is the ability to love and help others. If she willingly wants to volunteer in various projects and give her love freely to others, it means that she is mature enough to have strong relationships. Therefore, if you found most of the signs mentioned above in her, you would better offer her to date you and go out somewhere you both will enjoy being at. Just ask her where she wants to spend your date and offer her a few variants. Good for you if she finds you interesting to date, however, do not give up if she refused you from the first attempt because she might be testing you.