Feline Appetite Stimulant And Tips To Keep Canine Healthy

Cats and dogs are awesome domestic animals for family pets. They are lovable and friendly human companions. It is distressing to know your lovely pet is not in good shape and can’t do anything to help. When your pet is in good health, it responds well and stays lively. If you care about your pets, you must be ready to sacrifice time, attention, and care towards their healthiness.

Here, we shall discuss simple tips on how to cater to dogs and cats. We will look at these pets regarding their diet and general well-being.

Natural Appetite Stimulant For Cats

Loss of appetite is a threatening health concern for cats. A diminished appetite for even a day or two is very dangerous for them. If you notice your feline friend is avoiding meals, there may be a need to stimulate its appetite with a natural and healthy stimulant. However, It is crucial to seek a vet before applying feline appetite stimulant at home. Below are some of the natural appetite stimulants for cats.


Older cats or sick and inactive cats are not using their muscles which leads to inadequate blood flow. It is recommended to gently massage your cat by rubbing its back, neck, and legs. Doing this enhances blood flow, reduces stress, and stimulates food craving.

Apply CBD

CBD oil for cats is an effective treatment to get your cat in good shape. Make sure to use the right CBD and get it from a reliable source.

Introduce New Taste and Smell

Like humans, cats love varieties of food. Proteinous foods such as cooked chicken, meat, and tuna have a smell that appeals to most cats. Leave these foods on the counter to reach the cat’s nose.

Home Remedies For Dog Bloat

Introduce New Taste and Smell

When your dog’s stomach is filled with excessive gas, this leads to bloat. Dog bloat is different from everyday farting as bloating can lead to a severe health condition known as GDV. If bloating occurs, you will notice excessive dog panting in older dogs. When you notice your dog has symptoms such as pacing, anxiety, shock, repeated attempts to vomit, or lethargy. There is a need to apply home remedies for dog bloat to prevent GDV.

  • Use a slow feed bowl to prevent your dog from eating too fast
  • Feeding your dog with raw food diet reduces stomach gas and helps it produce firmer stools. Raw food reserves the nutrients that might have been lost through cooking.
  • CBD for dogs is very effective for bloating
  • Discuss changing dog diet with a veterinarian

Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies

Hair loss in dogs usually occurs alongside other symptoms such as biting, skin irritations, chewing on the spot, etc. Hair loss home remedies should be applied when you notice hair loss in your dog.

  • Lemon juice contains natural antibacterial to treat dog hair loss
  • Bath, brush and apply skin treatment
  • CBD for dogs is also essential for hair loss

All the home remedies that we provided in this article are safe and effective. When you notice any of the heath-threatening symptoms discussed above, you should apply these remedies. CBD is a must-have for dogs and cat owners.