Do I Need A Smart Lighting System For My Smart Home?

Lights are lights, right? Why would you need to make them smarter? There are actually many reasons as to why a smart lighting system would benefit you and your family, and a lot like many of the best smart home automations, you’ll be surprised at how useful they can really be. Intrigued? Check out these reasons as to why you need a smart lighting system for your home.

What is smart lighting?

The first question on your mind may be, what exactly is smart lighting? How can you make the wonders of the lightbulb even smarter? Here’s how:

1. You can control the lighting to become lighter or dimmer at your convenience. Want to snuggle on the sofa with a good film? Dimmer the lights and create a nice ambience! Need to find that lost earring? Brighten your lights so that it’s easier to find! You get the idea!

2. They help conserve and save energy in your home. We’re sure you’re already aware that we, as a species, should be doing everything in our power to help save the planet. Not only do smart lights help save energy, but they will also be much nicer on your energy bills each month!

3. Smart lighting can be controlled using an app on your phone or other smart devices, meaning you don’t even have to move to control your lights!

Why do I need a smart lighting system?

As aforementioned, there are many reasons as to why a smart lighting system would benefit you and your family’s lives, but here are a few reasons to ponder over:

You can control the amount of light

Briefly mentioned earlier, with smart lighting you can control the amount of light that your bulbs emit. So, if you’ve got a big date coming up, you’ll be able to set the mood nicely.

Alternatively, if you’re hosting a party at home, you’ll be able to adjust your lighting according to the time of night. If you’ve got music on and want to dance, brighten the room so you can see each other. When the night is coming to a close, you can dim the lights and end the night peacefully with your guests.

They’re convenient

We all have those moments where we forget to turn a light off or on, and because you can control your lights using your smart devices, you no longer have to worry about it! Think of it this way:

  • You’ve just got your small child to sleep and forgot to switch their light off. However, you don’t want to wake them by going into their bedroom. Use smart lighting!
  • Your teen has gone out for the night with their friends and you want a light on for them to get into your home with ease. Set your lighting on a timer to prevent having to leave a light on all night!
  • You’ve gone away for the week and remembered you’ve left a light on in your home. While it’s not the end of the world, it’s not environmentally friendly or financially savvy to leave it be. Rather than having a family member or friend go and turn it off, use your smart lighting!

Not having to physically be at a light switch to turn your lights on and off is a huge convenience, and you’ll use it more than you think!

They change colour

That’s right, smart lights can change colour. With many of them having a range of over 16 million different colours, you’re sure to find the right one for the situation you’re in.

Feeling warm? Set the hue to a blue colour and cool down the feel of your room.

Hosting a party? Match the colour of your lights to your theme.

The festive time of the year? Change the lights to reds and greens to match your festive feelings!

Need to repaint but don’t want to? Adjust the colours to make your walls appear a different colour.

Some play music

Not only can smart lighting change colours, but some can even play music! Perfect for those situations where you need to create the right kind of ambience in the room. Imagine having the perfect lighting aided by soothing music to help your children sleep!

They can aid sleep

Finally, smart lighting can also aid people that have problems getting to sleep each night. Smart light bulbs emit colours that promote the production of melatonin in the body which, in turn, aids sleeping.

As you can see, smart lighting systems are more useful than you may have thought and can help with a vast array of situations! Try it yourself to gain the full potential!