Cricket fantasy league

Cricket in a country like India is treated as a festival. People go crazy about Indian cricket matches, whether it will be one day, test matches, Indian premier league or world cup. Fantasy cricket  is a system of playing cricket online by virtually selecting your team of 11 players. You can also get rewarded for the good individual performance of these players. You will be the fantasy team selector, and hence, you will predict the performance for these players and assign them positions such as batting, bowling and fielding accordingly. The main advantage of these fantasy leagues are that you do not have to be with the same eleven players always and you can change them according to your prediction and their performances in every next match.

Another advantage that you will be having by playing these fantasy crickets are that these are highly rewarding and you can win cash prizes and many other prizes which will encourage you to stick more with this. The only pre requirement you need to have is basic knowledge of rules and regulations of the game, i.e, cricket.

There are many apps available nowadays through which you can play fantasy cricket leagues. ‘Ballebaazi’ is one such app which provides you the platform to play fantasy cricket league and win many prizes including cash prizes, gadgets, merchandise gifts, etc.

Benefits of cricket fantasy league

Playing fantasy cricket league can provide you various benefits from which some are listed below-

  • You can make your own fantasy team with the best performing players.
  • You can always replace the low performers with the best performers along with some other calculations.
  • You can wish cash prizes or prizes in kinds like gift vouchers, gadgets, merchandise etc.

By playing fantasy cricket on ballebaazi , you can win all the above prizes along with other benefits like BB points, BB merchandise, and many other attractive prizes.

How to play fantasy cricket league

Playing fantasy cricket league online can be very easy and simple. There are different methods of playing online fantasy cricket on different apps. However, on Ballebaazi, the procedure can be very straightforward and intriguing, you will need your passion for the game and knowledge to make match-winning teams.

For more fantasy cricket tips and tricks, follow the Ballebaazi blog!

You need to follow the following steps to make a match-winning team and win your prizes-

  1. Sign up or log in into your account on fantasy cricket league app.
  2. Select the particular match or series that you would like to play into.
  3. Create the best match winning team of 11 players including best performing batsmen, bowlers and field men.
  4. Play the match and observe the individual performance of each player.
  5. Earn the points from the performance of your team players.
  6. Win cash and other prizes.

However, you must be equipped with high knowledge of the game as there will be thousands of other fantasy players with whom you will be competing with and to outshine them, you will need to have high knowledge and passion.

Features of fantasy cricket

Following are some main features of fantasy cricket leagues-

  1. Safe, secure and trustworthy gaming environment.
  2. Expert advice on teams and matches.
  3. Exciting monthly and weekly contests to participate in.
  4. Several cash prize leagues
  5. Team selection or replacement according to their performances.
  6. Exciting giveaways and bonuses

Fantasy cricket blogs

Almost every fantasy cricket league app also has its own blog, where the experts write about various mathes, predict performances of various players, discuss who is performing better or worse etc.

These blogs can be very useful for the team makers as they provide you with following updates-

  • Updates news about the whole game
  • Fantasy cricket tips and tricks
  • Insightful and informative articles
  • Playing conditions that are favorable to you and your team
  • Pitch and weather conditions
  • Current form of the players and past games records
  • Top batsmen and bowlers
  • Status of various players- injured, recovering etc.


Fantasy cricket league is a comprehensive way of playing virtual cricket by making your own team of the best 11 players. It is a very skill and knowledge based endeavour that depends on various factors and predictions. You can win many bonuses, cash prizes, and other prizes by participating in these leagues on a daily or monthly basis through earning various points and maintaining your positions on leaderboards. You just need to have basic knowledge about the rules and fouls of the game along with some other calculations like player’s conditions, weather conditions, pitch features etc.