Consumer Insights Trends To Look For In 2021

In 2021, a lot is expected to change concerning the eCommerce market. One of the significant factors contributing to this change is consumer insights. As there is more competition in the industry than ever, the need for providing the customers exactly what they want has increased. There are so many options for a customer that if a brand does not offer what they want, they will immediately move on to the next brand.

Consumer insights is a great tool that you can use to grow your business rapidly. Every marketer understands the importance of using consumer insights to personalize their campaigns. However, consumer insights are much more useful than just for personalizing marketing strategies. With the help of a consumer insights platform, you can understand your consumer behavior, needs, and wants. You can understand the areas you might lack in and improve them to provide a better user experience.

Consumer insights help both consumers and the brands to earn a profit. By understanding the customer’s wants, you can eliminate the guesswork and reduce costs for marketing and sales strategies. Also, the customers, in return, get customized and personalized products fitting their requirements.

Consumer insights tools can also help you gain a significant edge over your competitors. By understanding what your customer wants, you can improve customer loyalty and trust in your brand.

This article will discuss the latest consumer insights trends that you should look for in 2021 for your business. Using these trends can benefit your company immensely and help you stay ahead of the game. Without further ado, here are the 2021 consumer insights trends.

D2C Tactics

D2C stands for direct-to-consumer tactic, which means making the entire customer relationship your own and leveraging it to improve your brand. By owning the customer relationship, you can collect the required data to develop intuitive, personalized, effective, and better experiences for your customer. D2C can help you generate new recurring revenue streams in the form of new product launches, subscriptions, and smart tactics that will increase your customers’ loyalty towards your brand.

D2C helps to eliminate the intermediaries that result in distribution cost reduction and better profit margins. As you have direct control over the supply line, you can make better-customized products for your customers. Customized products help to increase a brand’s value and improve the consumer experience. You can understand consumer trends, patterns, behavior, and preferences in real-time and gain consumer insight.

When you gain your customer’s preferences and interests directly from the customer, you can use the information to improve your services and products. Consumer insights are a great way to enhance your D2C strategy as you can create more personalized products. You can also reduce the time required for the product to reach the consumer by eliminating the middleman.

Voice Search to Purchase

Voice Search uses spoken words as the mode of communication with the search engine. Unlike typing words in the search box, you can directly speak to their AI assistants such as Cortana, Siri, Echo, Google Home, etc. These assistants will record your commands and search on your behalf, making the process a lot easier for you.

You can use these assistants for several purposes, such as performing internet searches, executing home functions, or purchasing a product online. When you order these assistants to buy a product online, they will immediately look through your order history to search for similar products. If it cannot check your search history, it can make recommendations based on other factors, such as the website’s recommendations.

Voice search has become popular in the last few years. One of the reasons for this popularity is that these assistants have become highly advanced and can perform several tasks with accuracy. Several website owners have optimized their websites for voice search to stay on top. As voice search to purchase is on the rise, every eCommerce store owner should make adjustments to support the technology. Voice search is an insightful way to gather consumer insights as well.

When a user’s voice searches for a product, they use specific keywords relating to the product or service. These keywords are a gold mine from a marketing perspective, as you can optimize your content according to these keywords.

BOPIS – Buy Online Pick Up In-Store

Buying products online and picking up in-store is a new trend that has been shown to boost the customer’s shopping experience. Several industries are implementing this trend as it provides instant gratification to the customers. Especially during the Covid-19 times, this trend has enabled the customer to practice social distancing norms while shopping normally.

Grocery and essential shopping have been significantly affected by BOPIS trends. You can easily book the products you want to purchase on the store’s website or app. After that, you can go to the nearest store and pick up those items by yourself. This will reduce the delivery time, and you can also check the products in real-time.


Consumer insights have become a vital part of every marketing strategy because of their efficiency. By understanding what your customer wants, you can directly provide it to them. It helps both the consumer and the company by cutting the costs and reducing the guesswork. In the coming years, the eCommerce industry is expected to change significantly. Stay up to date with these consumer insights trends to stay on top of your game.