Classic Mobile Development Terms That Will Continue To Rule The Upcoming Decade

Mobile apps are now dominating the internet and the internet user base. As more people have smartphones, nearly 80% of people switch to mobile apps to complete daily tasks and recreational activities. Usually, mobile app trends see a fast incoming and exit of development trends. But as it seems, a few trends will be here to stay. Here are the top trends that will be even in this new decade according to expert mobile app design agency experts-

Minimalistic design

At present, any smartphone user spends more than 5 to 6 hours per day on their smartphone screen. Hence, most users opt for apps that are soothing to their eyes and do not cause screen fatigue.

Minimalistic designs will continue to rule the design and development sector. Clear and large fonts with soothing and straightforward color combinations will be in demand. Moreover, apps will become more user-friendly, targeting “one task as a single click” system. Overall, the visuals will be created with a soft drop shadow effect, more extensive and cleaner fonts with minimalistic designs, prominent buttons, and navigation systems.

Geometric Partners will be there

As people look forward to a clean and soothing screen experience with less eye fatigue, geometric patterns will continue to rule the development sector. Smartphone users are moving away from too much photography. Instead, they prefer cleaner designs with geometric patterns. The 3d shapes in the geometric pattern are not overwhelming and do not take the focus away from the task.

Hence, even in 2022, geometric shapes like cones, circles, triangles, or other sharp-cut patterns will be prominent. App designers will incorporate 3d shapes to add some depth and a sense of realism.

Neuromorphic Elements will be Present

Neuromorphism will be a top trend in app development scenarios. This trend started in late 2019 and has positively continued its run. Propels are looking forward to getting some techno vibe where the apps or widgets do not always look or feel like their real-life counterparts. In the case of neuromorphic designs, cards or static containers are often used to showcase the shadow effects and depth to add some 3dimentional sense.

Designers will use soft shadows to get the needed touch of softer visual aspects. It will enhance user experience and also increase the attention span. So, get ready to see buttons, images pop up with a shadow effect with some 3D effect.

Soft Colour Schemes will Continue too

Soft color schemes will become another top sought-after trend. The color combination will become harmonium, and designers are already moving towards analog patterns instead of a psychedelic effect. Adjacent colors and colors from similar pallets will be used to create a simple and minimalistic feel. Besides that, a monochrome color scheme will be in trend. Designers are most likely to use a darker color in the front and softer color in the background for some shadow effect.


Besides these trends, existing trends like animations, immersive VR experience, and visual infographics will also continue to rule the app development sector. Pearl Lemon Web, a reputed mobile app design agency, offers seamless and interactive app development to its clients worldwide. You can connect to them for the best services.