Class 10th: Study habits and their impact on your score

Class 10th is an important class as it is the end of secondary school and the student enters into higher secondary school. Students have to make a study plan to score high marks in class 10th. Study habits play an important role in scoring good marks.

Tips to study for class 10th

Students should follow the given tips when they enter the class 10th:

  • Students should be consistent in their studies and they should start preparing for their board examinations in advance. They should make a timetable and follow it strictly throughout the year for consistent study. A regular routine and consistency play an important role in securing good marks.
  • Students should pay attention to each subject. They should try to give time to every subject so that they do not have to feel stressed about any subject at the time of the exam. Students can make a colorful timetable and can give colors to different subjects so that they can get a boost up for study.
  • Students can set daily or weekly targets. They should try to achieve these targets as far as possible. Students have to attend school; therefore they will have limited time for self-study. But, self-study is the most important factor that helps to achieve a good score. Therefore, students should try to utilize their time effectively to get the best results.
  • Students should know the complete syllabus of class 10th when they start preparing for the exams. They should mark the important topics and should focus more on them. They should make a schedule in such a way that no topic is left untouched till the end.
  • Students should also find time to relax. They should take short breaks between their study plan to keep their mind active and fresh. Students should eat proper food and should have good sleep for scoring good marks.
  • Students should avoid studying a single subject for long hours. It will become boring and students will lose interest in that particular subject. Instead, they should make a combination of 2-3 subjects every day to create interest.
  • Students should check the previous year’s sample papers for doing extra practice. They can get an idea of the paper format and can also get an idea of the important questions that come in the exam. This will also help students to become familiar with the pattern of the paper.

Subject wise preparation tips for class 10th

Students have to use different tips for each subject. They can follow the subject-wise preparation tips for class 10th.

Science preparation

Science is an important subject. There are three parts- Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Students have to make a strong base in science if they wish to take up the science stream in class 11th.

  • They should write down all formulas, derivations, and important terms in the register.
  • They should attend labs for easy understanding of the science concepts.
  • In physics, students should focus on important formulas and theorems. They should practice numerical problems in physics to get good marks.
  • Students should learn chemical equations, symbols, valencies, and reactions in chemistry. They should revise all chemical processes thoroughly.
  • In biology, students should focus on diagrams. They should practice diagrams and know their labeling. They should remember important terms and definitions in biology.

Maths preparation

Students should use the following tips for studying maths in class 10th:

  • They should know the maths formulas. They have to learn the basic concepts of geometry, trigonometry, and other important topics in maths.
  • Students should practice all exercises given in the NCERT book. They should understand the basic concept for solving the given problem.
  • They should work on their calculation errors and should read and analyze the question. They should solve the questions step by step.

Social studies preparation

  • Students can make social studies an interesting subject by using the right study habits. They can make flashcards, flow charts, timelines, and mnemonics to make it easy and interesting.
  • Students should read every chapter thoroughly. They can divide the chapters and mark them as easy and difficult to devote the required time for each chapter.
  • Students should make short notes of important topics for easy revision at the time of exams. They can write important dates in the register.
  • Map work is important in social studies. Therefore, students should practice map work regularly to score high marks in this subject.

English preparation

Students can score high marks in English by using the right strategies. In English, they get unseen passage which is scoring. Students should try to solve unseen passages so that they can get full marks in this section.

  • Students should know the format of writing essays and letters to score good marks in the writing section. They should practice from sample papers. They should try to put their ideas and thoughts in an organized manner to get good marks.
  • It is important to learn all grammar rules. Students can learn grammar rules with consistent practice. They should make a schedule of doing an exercise on any grammar topic every day.
  • In literature, students should read and understand every story and poem. They should try to answer the questions given at the back of the NCERT book. If they face any difficulty, they can refer to ncert solutions class 10 English first flight. This can help them to solve their difficulties and secure good marks. Students should know the story properly to answer long answer questions.

Hindi preparation

Hindi is an easy and scoring subject. Students should focus on NCERT textbooks for scoring high marks in the Hindi exam.

  • Students should read all chapters and poems from the books and they should try to remember the names of writers and poets. They can write the names in the notebook for easy reference.
  • Grammar is important for scoring good marks in Hindi. Students should revise all grammar rules and concepts before exams.
  • Students can practice from the previous year’s question papers to get good marks in Hindi. They should use the right format for essays and letters to get good marks in the writing section.

Thus, students can start preparing early and can aim to score 100% marks. By using the correct study habits for each subject, students can feel confident and achieve their goals without much effort.