Top 6 Cell Phone Accessories To Buy In 2022

Each of us begins our day by turning off the alarm clock on our smartphone. Then take bath and finish a cup of coffee. The immerse ourselves in the social media world where we view events and start calling friends and family. We get calls on the way to work and so all day long until late night. Due to some reasons, we constantly use our smartphones to make or receive calls, messages, listen to music, and keep track of our daily time. Thus it makes us tied to the phone, but still it not makes us please 100% as we it don’t have all proper phone accessories.

The capabilities of any mobile device can be expanded with various phone accessories. Charge your phone from a power bank, listen to music while jogging in new wireless headphones, increase memory capacity, take pictures at different distances with a selfie stick – all these products from well-known manufacturers are available in the online and offline markets. But due to wide range, it becomes hard to choose the right one according to our needs. In this article, we will solve your worry by listing top 6 smartphone accessories that can be used in daily life. So read till end to know about them!

1. Apple AirPods


Airpods are Apple’s famous bluetooth headphones, which offer a very stable wireless connection to listen to music, watch videos, make calls, among others. It also has a microphone coupled with a noise filter, which allows the user to answer calls and use voice commands through Siri, without losing quality.

This model of AirPods comes with a charging case that guarantees four additional charges, while the headset lasts for five hours per charge. Its charging is done quickly, the company guarantees that the phone delivers three hours of use with just 15 minutes of charge, which is great for Apple users who need the phone working all day.

2. External Battery Power Bank 20,000 mAh Geonav PB20KBK

The second option of external battery to enter your list of mobile accessories is the Power Bank Geonav, which has support for charging up to three devices at the same time, with two USB outputs and a USB-C output, and stands out for its charging fast.

Another interesting factor about this external battery is that it can charge even a notebook through its USB-C port. With it you can monitor the amount of battery remaining through the LED with four options, indicating 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of charge, and its total capacity is 20,000 mAh.

3. Xiaomi Qi Fast Charge

The Xiaomi Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charger has a modern design and a great finish, with a soft, non-slip silicone surface to keep your phone safe while charging. With 10W power, this charger works for all devices that support wireless charging.

The company guarantees that this charger has one of the fastest charging on the market, bringing an LED indicator to let you know when the cell phone is fully charged.

4. Anti-impact Cover for Samsung

Samsung ‘s anti-impact case is very similar to the iPhone case. It is transparent, made of soft and flexible gel material, with resistance to stretch. In addition, this model features shock absorption technology, and is resistant to scratches, protecting the phone from falls or various impacts, and still maintaining its long-term durability.

5. Glass Film

Films are essential to ensure the resistance of device screens and keep them protected from scratches and falls. Glass films are great options as they tend to be more resistant than the screen itself, so if your cell phone happens to fall, these films usually crack or crack superficially, without reaching the screen and disrupting the cell phone’s operation.

6. Flexible Tripod Support

Phone Tripod

If you prefer this is an option that only includes the tripod for your cell phone, this flexible tripod can be a great option. It is made of rigid plastic material, to ensure that the cell phone is secure, and each leg has divisions and the joints have complete mobility, so you can support it wherever and however you want, allowing you to level the cell phone even on the most difficult surfaces. irregular.