Cheapest way to convert your LTC to BTC. A beginner-friendly guide

The relevance of using cryptocurrency is growing daily. With the advent of bitcoin, even ordinary users are seriously interested in it. Today we can say that the main issue is earnings on cryptocurrency, taking into account the intensive growth of its rate in relation to other currencies. In addition, digital coins have long been a tool for making online payments and, of course, that is why their popularity is growing. The more people are interested in cryptocurrency, the more demand for it. It is demand that gives rise to an increase in the exchange rate of coins.

Litecoin holds a special place among cryptocurrencies. To date, it has received the status of “digital silver”. No wonder, it’s just that Litecoin has long been entrenched in the market and ranks second in popularity in terms of cryptocurrency. And if you have a desire to start investing, but do not have a lot of money to start, it is recommended to try to invest in litecoins.

There are many cases when a user needs to exchange one type of cryptocurrency for another, or exchange it directly for fiat currency. Actually, this is why we will highlight the best Litecoin exchangers. Where can you quickly and profitably find ltc to btc converter?


An automatic electronic exchanger that is steadily developing and updating. The site is distinguished by an increased level of security, and also offers very favorable rates for exchanging both cryptocurrencies and electronic currencies. The exchanger interface is very simple. It is quick, easy and convenient to work with it! This is exactly the case when any user, if necessary, can buy / sell bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

Currency exchange takes place through the registration of an application on the website.

A1change loyal customers receive consistent bonuses (they accumulate) and promotions. You should pay attention to them, since the exchange will take place in a more profitable mode.

A separate issue is the referral program. Any partner of A1change can make very good money if they bring new customers to the system.


Another automatic exchanger that works around the clock.

How to work with To do this, we perform only 3 steps:

  1. Choosing a direction;
  2. We indicate the direction that we need to get;
  3. We indicate the required amount, fill in the fields with the details and click the “Proceed to payment” button.

Everything is very easy and convenient! The exchanger interface is easy and convenient. There are more than enough exchange directions. Of the cryptocurrencies, the following are present:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Zcash

Full list of cryptocurrencies on the official website. In addition, here it is possible to exchange cryptocurrency for bank money or electronic currency for a bank card. There are many options. In fact, it offers the entire spectrum of exchange necessary for users.


Cryptocurrency and electronic currency exchanger. It has been working for several years, has a fairly wide client base. The current reserves of the project allow you to carry out an exchange of almost any complexity.

Today the exchanger offers over 30 types of currencies. This fact allows the company to develop and engage in highly liquid business (rarely seen in our time).

Today, the exchanger offers not only a wide selection of currencies, but also very favorable exchange rates. In addition, the administration can boast that it offers prompt processing of all applications.