Networking Technology: LDAP

Networking Technology- LDAP

LDAP is an acronym for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is accessible by everyone to locate data about persons, organizations or files over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Through the LDAP, applications are able to communicate with other directory services servers. History LDAP was developed to be a lightweight alternative for users … Read more

Networking Technology: LAN

Networking Technology- LAN

For someone who isn’t aware of the intricacies of networking technology, it might be difficult to differentiate between the different kinds. The main thing that sets all of them apart is the geographical area they cover. Additionally, the number of PCs, which are integral to their networks, need to be taken into … Read more

Networking Technology: DoS and DDoS Attacks

Networking Technology- DoS and DDoS Attacks

Ever wonder what they mean when it’s on the news that another website has undergone a DoS or DDoS attack? Or if you are trying to access a website but it’s either loading slowly or not at all? A DoS attack is a denial of service attack – what this entails is … Read more