Can Light Therapy Give Hope Amidst the Global Pandemic?

The whole world is now highly threatened by the coronavirus. Each and every one of us has been touched by this pandemic. Due to this virus, our life has been threatened, and many of us have suffered a lot. It’s been almost two years, and this virus is still wreaking havoc. There have been some effective vaccines to boost immunity in people. However, the vaccine has its own share of side effects. Today we are going to talk about another method that can be highly effective to destroy the virus and can help us go back into our daily lifestyle. You guessed it; red light therapy has a certain potential to cure COVID -19 that is seriously required to explore.


A clinic in Toronto experimented with red light to treat patients with COVID -19 and got promising results (source). They were able to convert COVID positive patients successfully into COVID negative. For the treatment, they used red light, which is safe for human tissue, free from harmful UV rays. Ondine Biomedical’s ‘Steriwave’ treatment was adopted in this process, and the red light was administered in the nose of the patient. The whole process requires a very small amount of time and is comparatively inexpensive than other COVID treatments available right now.

The Procedure of the Treatment

The procedure of red light treatment for COVID -19 is as simple as it gets. The nasal passage of the COVID patient is flooded with red light in this procedure. The patient just needs to relax in a chair while wearing a fiber cable-like device in each nostril. With the cables, the light is emitted in the nose. Red light activates a special light-sensitive; within moments, the activated fluid destroys the germs. This process is so quick that the virus cannot resist or mutate to adapt to this environment. As a result, a person effectively gets cured within a few minutes of exposure. The reaction stops as soon as the light turns off.

Light therapy has proved to work on real people. A Toronto local couple tested COVID positive. Within 16 minutes of treatment for three days, they got cured of the virus. They were recommended follow-up visits after 6 and 12 days as well. The person has shared this story on Instagram and the whole social media is now keen to observe it for themselves.

Further Development

With a view to these fantastic results, Canada has approved Steriwave to come into play. A clinic in Toronto is being set up with entrepreneurs and ENT surgeons to treat COVID – 19 with light therapy. The clinic is named “The Breathe Easy Clinic,” which is now successfully treating COVID patients.

Make Room to Spread the Benefit

The overall coronavirus condition around the world is not very promising. The world is now fighting with the second wave of COVID, and people are suffering more than ever. The death count is rising day by day. The United States, Brazil, India are highly suffering from COVID, and the number of deaths is rising as well. Third-world countries like India have a huge shortage of oxygen, hospital beds, and specialist doctors. Therefore, it is needed to take rapid action for the overall wellbeing of the world population. The success in Toronto has shown us that it is possible to treat this monster simply with light. Imagine a world where people are not gasping for air just because they were exposed to light. How cool would it be?

Future Opportunities

We have already established that red light therapy can kill the COVID virus in less than half an hour. This means, with the help of this procedure, our life can go back to the way it was before the pandemic. As the COVID virus is too stubborn and can change its form over time, the vaccinations can get ineffective with time. However, with a few minutes of light exposure, even the most stubborn germ can get banished from your body. Red light therapy works fast and strikes the germ even before they know what hit them. So, every country should at least consider light therapy for the wellbeing of its citizens.

With the right implications of this therapy, the global events that were postponed due to the pandemic can be brought back to life. These therapy devices are small and portable. So it is possible to provide treatment to the guests before entering the event area, like a film festival, football match, even in movie and TV stages.

The opportunities of light therapy are immense; we just need to be brave enough to grab it. Millions of people around the world can get effectively treated from COVID with the help of light therapy. So, every country should stop waiting for a workable vaccine and look into inexpensive alternative treatments, like light therapy, as soon as possible.