Beware of Counterfeit Sildenafil

As the demand for sildenafil increases, more illegal pharmaceutical manufacturers continues to produce a counterfeit version of it. Unfortunately, not all patients who are prescribed with this drug can afford both brand name and generic, so they tend to opt for buying from the black market. With this, sildenafil or Viagra have become the most counterfeited drug up to this day.

If you have been thinking of buying counterfeit sildenafil for the sole purpose of saving money, then you should think again. You might find yourself spending more than you thought you will be.

Why buying counterfeit sildenafil must be avoided:

  1. Fake sildenafil contains toxic ingredients. It is more likely that the counterfeit drug contains a more harmful chemical that the active ingredient itself. Ingesting this may lead to a more complicated condition or, worse, death.
  2. It won’t treat your condition. It is either the counterfeit sildenafil contain too much active ingredient that it is detrimental, or it does not contain any at all. If it does not show any signs of efficacy, then it is fake.
  3. Counterfeiting affects the economy. With counterfeited medicines being circulated in the market, businesses who have been manufacturing legitimate ones as well as the government losses revenues.
  4. It is illegal. Manufacturing, distributing, and buying counterfeit drugs are illegal to several countries. Those who are proven guilty may face legal charges and be imprisoned.

How to find legitimate online pharmacies

1. Check with MHRA

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency or MHRA, an agency of the United Kingdom’s Department of Health and Social Care, regulates all medicines and medical equipment sold in the country. All legitimate pharmacies must be registered with the agency, which can be checked on their website

2. Observe the pricing of drugs

Counterfeit drugs can be identified through how much they are being sold. If they are way underpriced compared to what the original drugs and brands are priced, then they are most likely fake and the pharmacy is illegitimate.

3. They must require a doctor’s prescription

All pharmacies are not allowed to sell medication to patients without the doctor’s prescription. This is why there are still several people who patronize counterfeit drugs, especially sildenafil. It is one of those medications that people see as essential, however, they might be embarrassed or they just don’t want to visit a physician for it.

4. Their website must indicate their office or pharmacy address

One sign that the online website is illegitimate is if they do not provide any specific street address of their physical pharmacy or office.

5. Check reviews online

Another way to check if the pharmacy is legitimate and sells real medicines is to search online for reviews from previews customers. There are websites where people could post their testimonials about their experiences with online websites.

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