Benefits of Playing Sports for Children

Some of the great memories of when we were children had to do with the soccer team, training with our friends, our parents going to watch the games on Saturdays and believing that at some point we could emulate Lineker, Futre or the star of our favorite team. Not everyone played soccer. There were those who preferred basketball, volleyball, handball or hockey. Most of the time team sports, but some were already brave and went it alone. They threw themselves into tennis, cycling or, in summer, surfing 안전놀이터.

We thought we were doing it because it was fun, but what we did not know is that, apart from the pleasure of practicing these sports and competing with children our age, we were doing an enormously beneficial activity for us children. A practice that could shape how we were going to be as people in the future and, in addition, it had a great positive effect on our health.

There are numerous types of sport that you can choose from for your child, depending on his abilities, his access to them, or the values ​​you want him to develop. For example, team sports help you share and connect. If what you are looking for is the ability to excel, tennis or cycling have a lot to say.

The benefits that the practice of sport can bring to your son, your nephew or your godson are many. We are going to divide them into three sections.

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Social benefits

The practice of sport helps the child to develop social skills, since, if it is a team sport, it encourages him to interact with other people. Communication and collaboration between team members are essential to achieve the desired goal: win and have fun.

Any sport helps children to build a competitive spirit regardless of whether it is a victory or a defeat in the end. Practice helps them accept the end result with a positive perspective and, above all, they are imbued with sportsmanship, camaraderie and respect for rivals.

Physical benefits

  • Playing sports strengthens bones and muscles and develops the latter. In addition, it tones the body.
  • It also increases your resistance to pain and develops its growth.
  • Another important detail for those who suffer from it: it regulates constipation.
  • Helps in the fight against obesity and the elimination of fats.
  • Swimming provides a comprehensive workout for your entire body.
  • Jumping and stretching sports like basketball help increase height.
  • Others that involve running, kicking a ball, and throwing it strengthen the arms and legs.
  • Cardiovascular exercise increases lung capacity.
  • And, if that weren’t enough, it helps prevent many serious diseases, such as cancer.

Intellect benefits

  • The child learns to think with a cool head, to plan, to design strategies.
  • Strategies are necessary to, for example, score a goal. Or to develop a career to score points. Or to have the ability to change the strategy on the fly based on that of our opponents.
  • By planning, children develop intellect and, consequently, intelligence.
  • Hitting sports such as tennis, apart from developing their aim, serve to increase their ability to focus.
  • They develop their mathematical skills, especially when it comes to keeping score or calculating the chances of success of their actions.
  • They also help them learn to delegate responsibilities to others.
  • Winning a match or competition makes them experience the sweet taste of victory, the achievement of a challenge, which will increase their self-confidence.

After this, do you still have doubts about whether your children should play sports? Or do you think they should spend all day looking at the pictures or playing with the tablet? Be careful, these last practices also have certain benefits. But like everything in life the secret is in moderation.

Improve self-esteem. Looking good will make you feel good, and will help you establish new social relationships.