Baccarat types: popular variations

The kings of card games are rightly considered to be blackjack and poker. But baccarat is also on the list of popular and even elite casino games in recent times. Of course, this pastime is trendy in Asia. But over time, variations of baccarat began to appear in Western casinos and then around the world. At, you can find the game in the table games section and discover the type you like.

Here we describe a few variations of the game.

Baccarat chemin de fer (chemmi)

Common in European (French) institutions. Here the casino is not involved in the game but only gives equipment and monitors compliance. The bank is collected from the participants’ stakes, and it goes 5% commission for the casino.

The first bank holder is the player who bet the most. The participant sitting to his right can be the first to bet the whole pot. If the banker loses, he passes the box of cards to his neighbour to their right.

Chemin defers by defying the third card rule:

  • six to seven points, the player stays with his own;
  • four or less — takes a card;
  • five points — choose whether to take a card or not.

After that, the banker decides. If they have more than the opponent, they take the stakes and swing the pot further. If the opponent has more points, the winner takes the winnings in the amount of his bet, multiplied by 2 times. The player to the right of the banker takes his role and begins to throw the pot.

The banker can refuse to play and pass the pot to anyone he wishes. Then he receives the prize only after the transfer of the pool.

Classic (European) Baccarat

Classic Baccarat is similar to American baccarat in many ways. There are two differences:

Five points in the player’s hand – he decides whether to draw a third card or not;

The house determines the pot size. Players participate depending on how big the previous visitors’ bets were.

If a banco bet is won, players pay a 5% casino commission.

Punto banco

Here, a table with a particular layout is used. The number of players is up to 16. One dealer leads the game. Participants bet on punto (player), banco (dealer) or egalite (draw). Otherwise, the rules do not differ from the standard American version.

Strategies in baccarat

It is worth knowing that card counting, Martingale and other well-known strategies in baccarat do not work. Here is not too high freedom of action, and the advantage of a successful bet is too low. Therefore, other tips are suitable for this game.

A profitable bet is banco. The casino’s advantage with a punto bet is 1.25%. When betting on the banker, it is 1.05%. Therefore, it is advisable to switch bets and not pick the same side. However, in the long run, banco bets should prevail.

You should never bet on a draw. The advantage of the casino, in this case, is 15%.

It is advisable to choose baccarat versions with the smallest number of decks. Playing with six decks is slightly more advantageous than with eight due to the casino advantage. With eight decks, you get 1.06%, and with six decks, you get 1.05%.

You should choose a casino where they take a lower commission. Most often, the commission is 5%. However, some reduce it to 4%. It cuts the advantage of the institution to 0.6%.

Of course, you should define the limits of loss and gain, as well as the time spent on the game. However, never go over the established limits.

Bottom line

Baccarat is a simple game where the participant does not need to memorize complex rules (unless it involves a banker or dealer). It is common in land-based and online casinos around the world.