All about class 6 Math Olympiad and how should the preparation be done

Math is a subject of logic and requires skills at its best for managing good marks in any competitive exam. Olympiad is one such exam where students’ abilities are tested based on their knowledge and power of solving equations. There is this one constant question that worries parents and the children a lot whenever Olympiads are announced, how should one prepare for such an exam? The answer is very simple, students will have to understand the meaning and sensitivity of the exam before committing to it. A child will only perform well after having the right knowledge about the exam.

What is an Olympiad?

The meaning of the olympiad is associated with an event that takes place to test the ability of athletes. Olympiad is nothing but a platform that provides students with a platform to outshine in academic levels. These exams are conducted at different levels such as regional, state, national and international. This platform is used to test children of the same academic levels and the competition takes place between students of the same academic level around the world. It helps in identifying students with exceptional wits and is great in dealing with academic stuff. Olympiad exams are made for rising interest for academics in the heart of children. These exams are just like any other competitive exams that a student goes from in a higher level of education. Olympiad exams help in figuring out the right potential and aptitude of a child and also help in finding the interest by giving them enough time to prepare and appear for the exam.

What is a Math Olympiad?

Math Olympiad takes place to test students’ capability to solve critical math problems that are levels higher than what they study in their school. This exam takes place to judge the mathematical skill of children and also helps in developing interest in the world of numbers and calculations. To increase the keenness about the subject, this exam amplifies the upliftment of the subject as well. Familiarity with the higher concepts helps children in getting better marks at the school level and also prepare them for future competitive exams such as entrance exams held for engineering. Children get the experience of overall competitiveness that helps in gaining more knowledge and confidence towards the subject. Math Olympiad also tests the logical reasoning of children, the practice of such questions leads to the development of the mind thus increasing the level of focus.

How to get class 6th students prepared for the Math Olympiad?

The level of questions that are asked in the Math Olympiad is very different from what students study regularly. The questions are relative to a higher level and are tougher than that of the school level. Questions involving pre-calculus mathematics and logical reasoning and mugging up will provide no good in such cases. A proper strategy should be implied for the preparation so that every topic will be covered with an equal amount of focus. Following steps should be included in the preparation:

1. Understanding the syllabus

Students will have to do a detailed study of the topics that are being covered in the syllabus. It is very important to go through the syllabus before starting the preparation as it guides the students in picking up the topics that require more attention than others. Understanding the format of the exam is equally important as it will provide a rough idea of the type of questions that are asked in the exam. The syllabus will also provide how much weightage a particular topic will carry, helping students in rectifying the topics that are already prepared and understood well.

2. Collection of Right material

Math is not a subject that can provide good results without practising from the right material. As the exam will have questions of a higher level, it will be necessary to practice from material that will fill the need of the hour. Students will have to complete their NCERT book before jumping on any other material to have the command in basics. Once done with NCERT, students can go for the materials that are prescribed by the organization or can also take up study materials from online sources that are reliable and resourceful in a manner that provides the right knowledge.

3. Creating a timetable and preparing notes

For a subject like math, it is very important to follow a timetable that will allow students to cover every topic sincerely. Preparation should not be delayed in any manner and students should not wait for the last week to start the preparation as it will do no good. While preparing for the exam by maintaining a timetable, students will have to make proper notes. The following manner can be followed:

  1. Covering the coursebook of school and NCERT beforehand, highlight and note down the basic formulas and explanations.
  2. Solve NCERT of 7th standard and note down all the sensitive topics and crucial points.
  3. Revise the written formulas and solve questions regarding them. Write down what you understood by the formula in your notes.
  4. Math can not be solved in a faster manner without practising in a daily manner. Students will have to practice mathematics in a daily manner to achieve speed and better solving skills. To get an idea of the actual question paper, students must go to solving previous year question papers of the maths olympiad and should solve sample papers as well. Giving mock tests will make students aware of the sensitivity of the exam as well. IMO Maths Olympiad Class 6 Question Papers


Math Olympiad will strengthen the logical and problem-solving skills of students and will also help in gaining focus in academics. The olympiad will help children in improving their grasping capacity. This is just like any other examination that a child gives and should be treated in the same manner as well. Parents will have to understand that this platform will give an idea that what the child is interred in reality thus pressure should not be made for a perfect score or rank. Always remember, children give their best in exams.