9 Facts About Ransomware You Need to Know

There’s no denying the fact, ransomware is the most notorious program in today’s time. It can easily block your computer system and steal valuable information. The ethos behind carrying out a ransomware attack is to demand ransom from the victims. Today, ransomware has a staggering net worth of $8 billion and continues to thrive every day. A decade ago, fewer companies would report ransomware attacks, but now, an estimated 4000 ransomware attacks are carried out every day. Luckily, antivirus software and IT professionals have managed to curtail this problem to a great extent. If you are new to this concept, we’re glad to have you here. In this feature, we will tell you some interesting facts about ransomware.

1. It Started Back in the 80s

If you think, ransomware is a millennial thing, you’re wrong! Many people still think of it as a modern age attack. However, the truth be told, ransomware has a strong relationship with the 80s. In the late 80s, the first-ever ransom name “AIDS” was reported. This attack was carried out by malicious software. Not much is still known about the attacker, but it was ransomware for sure.

2. It has Broken The Highest Security Protocols

Earlier, ransomware attacks were confined to the Windows PC, but now, they have managed to break into Mac security as well. You must have heard about the ransomware attack at the hospitals and Dogspectus. Today, the ransomware attack is stronger than ever and can penetrate in the strongest firewalls.

3. Young People Are Actively Involved in These Attacks

You will be shocked to know, young people are actively involved in carrying out these attacks. Although this sounds weird, ransomware attackers can make lots of money in a short time. After an investigation on the ransomware attacker, IT professionals got to know that many young people were actively involved in such acts.

4. Antivirus Software Might Not Prevent a Ransomware

In simple words, ransomware is an unbreakable software. This means, once your computer system has been attacked, you can’t do much but follow the instructions of the attacker. You’re lucky if your anti-virus software is strong enough to notify you about your system getting attacked on time.

5. Torrents Affect Your System the Most

If you are a frequent torrent user, there is a high risk that your system will get attacked by the hacker. This is the main reason why experts suggest people avoid pirated and free content online. Torrent websites are the biggest channeling devices of ransomware attacks.

6. It is Spreading Like a Fire In the Jungle

A ransomware attack is spreading like a fire in the jungle across the globe. As discussed, over 4000 cases are reported every year. However, IT professionals argue that this is an underrated figure. Many cases go unreported because companies cannot risk their reputation in the public’s eye.

7. Decryption Keys are Available

Many experts have decided to go the extra mile in protecting people from this form of bullying. Luckily, decryption keys have been introduced and are being tested. Currently, the decryption keys for Petya, Samsam Locky, and Cryptolocker have been discovered. The rest of the operating systems are still being studied.

8. Adobe Flash is to be Blamed for This Problem

You will be shocked to know, around 80% of the problems were discovered to having strong relations with adobe flash. So if you’re using this software already, you better be careful. You might be the next target on an attacker list.

9. Ransomware Attackers Threaten to Public Shame You

Apart from losing personal data, a ransomware attacker might also use your selfies and private photos to publicly shame you. This means your personal information is at risk as well when you store it on your computer.