7 Foolproof Tactics to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Instagram has developed from a photo-sharing app into one of the most beloved social media platforms in the world. More than 500 million people (and counting) are logging in on the network every day.

Some of them are there to see what’s new with their favorite celebrities or spy on their ex’s new life. But, the majority uses the app to check out prices and buy new staff. If your brand is on Instagram, you will want to have as many users following you as possible.

Here are 7 foolproof tactics to grow your Instagram followers:

Get Friendly With the Competition

A bulletproof way of attracting more people to your Instagram profile is to check on your competitors’ pages from time to time. Visit the profiles in your niche and like some of their recent photos, maybe even leave a comment or choose to follow them.

This strategy will put you out there as a notable presence for their followers, who will be inclined to check your profile as well. Furthermore, it will tell the Instagram algorithm about your preferences and it will increase your visibility in the niche that you desire.  Be sure to check out how to come up with great insta names to be effective.

Create and Promote Your Own Hashtags

It is always a good idea to jump on the popularity wagon of an intensely-used hashtag that you also mention in your posts. However, if you want to take hashtag efficiency to the next level, you will have to create your own, recognizable ones.

Take the time to come up with catchy hashtags that represent your business. Start using them in your posts and ask your friends and followers to use them as well. The more popular your hashtags become the more followers you will attract to your profile.

Socialize With Your Current Followers

Regardless of how notorious your brand is at the moment, you can always increase your popularity by interacting with your current followers. People will leave comments on your posts. Some of them may seem that they do not need a response, but here is where you would miss a big opportunity to attract more attention to your page.

Take the time to respond to your followers, even if you only leave an emoji as a reply. They will appreciate the effort, as many InstaGrowing experts would confirm. But, real success comes from their friends and followers who view your replies and become curious about your brand and your profile.  Also make sure you use a SMM Panel for best optimization.

Challenge People to a Contest

At any moment, there are tens of millions of users on Instagram that you can engage in various forms. One of the most foolproof tactics through which you can grow your Insta followers is setting up a contest.

People love to take part in engaging activities online. Creating a contest in which users have to answer a simple question will attract more new followers to your profile. In return, you can award the winner with a discount offer or a free product depending on your business.

Make Good Use of Instagram Stories

If you did not choose to buy followers for Instagram on InstaGrowing.net, you will have a difficult time amassing a large audience quickly and easily.

You can still use some of the app’s features like Instagram Stories to engage and entertain people. Use hashtags, filters, emojis and everything you can think of that might convince people to follow you constantly.

Use Geotags for Your Posts

It is always a great idea to add geotags to your posts. You can insert them in the description or among the hashtags. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but it can prove crucial in your endeavor of attracting more followers.

Geotags can promote your brand in the area where you activate. Instagram users that are yet not aware of your existence can discover your business with a simple search that includes the words you use for geo-tagging.

Link Your Instagram Account to Your Other Social Media Profiles

This tactic is also known as multi-channeling and it enables you to share your Insta posts on other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter every time you upload new content. This strategy can attract new followers from people who follow you on other social media channels, but who still don’t use Instagram that much.