6 Ways To Make Your Side Hustle Grow Faster

The economy has gone down drastically in recent times, and most people are doing everything they can to maintain or increase their income. One method is to start a side hustle on top of your full-time job so that you can make some extra cash. A side hustle is generally a flexible work option that allows you to pursue your passion while making some extra money. The problem is that the current market is highly competitive, making it hard to start and maintain a small business. A new venture generally calls for a lot of hard work, dedication, and every bit of your time. Here are some tips that will help you grow your side hustle and more efficiently.

1. Manage Your Time Effectively 

The most obvious way is to manage your time effectively. However, it is also one of the most difficult to master. You can often get wound up in the hectic routine of your full-time job, and in such cases, it is easy to neglect your side business. For this reason, managing your time effectively comes on top of the small business survival checklist. If you want to manage your time successfully, you have to start by logging all your tasks and the time you spend each day completing these tasks. You can break down most of the work and routine into small chunks that last the span of 15-30 minutes. This method is known as the quadrant time management system. Quadrant one features all the urgent work that needs immediate attention. Quadrant two includes tasks that are important but not urgent. This quadrant generally includes work related to your side hustle. The third quadrant features the unimportant yet urgent tasks, and the fourth includes all your leisure activities and break from work. By dividing your time according to these quadrants, you can truly determine how much time you spend working and being productive and how much time you waste. It becomes easier to manage deadlines when you are mindful of your time.

2. Work With The Things You Already Have 

We understand how excitement can take over judgment, specially when you pursue something that you are passionate about. But that excitement often leads to making wrong judgment calls, such as taking loans for your start-up. Debt can be the wrong choice for a side-hustle because you can easily lose your investment if the business doesn’t thrive in the market. In many cases, businesses have to shut down because they weren’t able to return the debtor because of not being able to make as much profit as intended. The best decision in this regard is to start your side hustle with whatever savings you have. Use the equipment you already own and make smart spending choices. The aim here is to prove that there is a market for your service or business before you start expanding by taking debt.

3. Don’t Spend Money Where It Doesn’t Count 

You may be used to a quality office in your main job and lots of amenities. But a side hustle is a risky business, and every penny you spend has consequences. A piece of advice in this regard is to spend your money where it counts. It isn’t necessary to have a fully furnished office or any extra expenses if they don’t serve your customers directly. Instead, spend money on the things that can help your side hustle grow and attract more customers. Remember that your first priority is your customer. Any luxury comes later.

4. Pick And Choose Your Efficiency 

We all hear the word efficiency and quickly jump on the bandwagon of whatever anyone is trying to sell us. But in reality, you have to pick and choose your efficiency, specially in the case of a side hustle. Sure, it seems like a smart move to stock up on supplies ahead of need or buy any new tool or equipment that promises efficiency. But the truth is that if you don’t have many customers, you don’t need all those high-efficiency tools and equipment. When it comes to saving money and increasing your profits, sometimes holding back on money-demanding efficiency is the best route to take till your budget allows you these upgrades.

5. Make Achievable Goals 

We all dream of finding that one client that will give us the big deal we need to make millions as profit. But what about taking the approach of serving a million clients first? The approach to the second vision is to make small goals and achieve them. As you move ahead and build your business, you will make a solid customer base and increase your reach. You will learn from all the experience and improve your strategy and products to suit the needs and desires of your customers even better. Once you have refined these skills and achieved the goal, you can then hunt for the bigger game that will launch your side hustle as a successful business.

6. Reinvest In Your Business 

We understand that you chose to start a side hustle because you wanted to pay your bills and have a little extra money to spend. But if you follow this approach only, your business won’t grow, and you won’t be able to turn it into your main job. So, in the first four to six years, your main goal should be to strongly reinvest the profits you make so that you can grow your business. Eventually, the revenue will be enough for you to reinvest in the business and still have spare profit for your personal needs. This strategy will pay back more and help you grow your business to the extent that you can opt to focus on it solely.


Today’s economy is brutal, and one job doesn’t nearly suffice as much as it used to a decade ago. Most people opt for at least two jobs to make living easier. In these times, having the means to start a side hustle should be seen as a privilege. To maintain that privilege and earn profits while working on something you’re passionate about, you have to plan everything carefully. These tips can help you manage your time between your full-time job and your side hustle and make it grow.