5 Ways to Use TikTok to Grow Your Small Business! (2022)

TikTok has become the latest sensation among a range of age groups. Your target audience will undoubtedly be a part of the TikTok community. If you catch the right trends and execute the strategies to maintain users, you have a splendid chance to skyrocket your small business into a hugely successful business.

So, here are five techniques to grow your small business using TikTok in 2022:

1. Original content and interaction with the audience

Consistent content can elevate your promotions and immediately bring a vast audience to your brand. It’s imperative to have a meticulously designed feed that appeals to the audience you want to reach.

TikTok can help platforms gain traction by coming up with unique concepts that will attract new users to your brand. Your business should naturally encourage people to like, comment on, and share it with their friends. This generates steady traffic for your business, which you can maintain if you keep up with relevant content and current trends.

Monitor the response from your current followers and what makes the video reach a wider audience. Understand how adding a creative spin drives more interaction with your content, even if there are creators with similar content to yours.

2. Product Unboxing

Unboxing is an ideal approach to making your goods the center of attention. Unboxing might begin with a brief explanation of your product’s purpose.

Then you may describe the manufacturing process of your product and what resources created it.

Maintain openness with your followers by letting them know what materials were used to make them and whether they are biodegradable or cruelty-free. You will earn a positive reputation in the community this way.

3. Using the Right Hashtags

TikTok supports many hashtags and challenges, so using the right one at the right time can increase your popularity. Don’t forget to use the relevant hashtags for every video you post.

If you don’t know which hashtag your content should require, search for hashtags used by your competitors. This way, you enter the specific community and tap into potential customers interested in your work.

As your customers grow, you can make a branded hashtag that lets your customers post about your products and use your hashtags. Turn this into a viral marketing strategy for your business to grow organically.\

Using the Right Hashtags

4. Working with well-known influencers and brands

TikTok supports influencer endorsements and sponsored content which works similar to Instagram collaborations.

Influencers are leveraging the TikTok platform for developing high-quality content to gain more sponsorships. If your budget permits it, consider collaborating with an influencer to advertise your business. For example, ArXe Ventures found several clients who utilised social media marketing performed much better than those in more traditional advertising channels.

Pursue the right influencers that are like-minded with your brand values and can connect with your following as well. If both of you have solid compatibility over time, your relationship becomes a mutual benefit to building more engagement.

5. Going further with Advertisements

Now if you have a huge budget, you can opt for TikTok’s specialized advertising system that allows brands and businesses to access a substantial amount of audience and buzz.

TikTok can bring in visitors through using two primary tactics; behavioral targeting and interest targeting. They market your products to the customers based on their activity in the past week or two using behavioral targeting.

Interest targeting chooses an interest that is related to your target audience and then delivers adverts to those individuals on TikTok.

The three types of digital promotion offered by TikTok are:

  • Hashtag Challenge Ads
  • Brand Ads
  • Native In-Feed Ads

They will all push your content out to a targeted audience, and grow your business!

There are also many websites where you can buy TikTok followers and likes such as TikFuel – and you can check out the best TikFuel review here. You always have to be careful when using such sites as it could help make your business look legitimate on TikTok, but also potentially harm growth in the long-term.


If you use TikTok to your advantage, you will have an absolute breakthrough, and your small business might not stay as a small business anymore.

It is all about engagement with communities and users to gain their confidence and trust in your product. Be true to yourself, and you will have a lifelong partnership with your customers.