5 Ways to prevent an Arizona DUI

Drinking alcohol while driving or driving under the influence of alcohol is a crime in every state in the United States of America, as well as many other nations across the globe. While some states are lenient with the alcohol law, some aren’t. One of the States in the United States of America with zero tolerance for driving and drinking in Arizona. The Arizona government takes the DUI law with full force. Let’s see how you can prevent the law;

1. Reduce how much you drink

Alcohol can be great sometimes, no doubt about that, and as long as you drink alcohol responsibly, you most likely would not have any issues. However, when you take too much alcohol, you give off your self-control to the alcohol. As a result, the primary way to get away from DUI is to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink once. When you are still in control of yourself, you can convince a suspecting officer that you haven’t taken alcohol. By the way, see here for the best interlock near me.

2. Remove all forms of alcoholic content in your vehicle

Because Arizona is a state with zero tolerance for alcohol, you wouldn’t want a police officer to see alcohol in your vehicle. As a result, the first prevention step for you is never to drink and drive. Also, you wouldn’t want to have a bottle of beer or any form of alcohol visible in your vehicle. Because of the strict measures of the Arizona government, it’s just best if you buy all alcohol you need at home or outside your car

3. Drive with reasonable speed

There are many reasons and offences why a police officer in Arizona will stop you in Arizona. One of the most common reasons an officer will stop you is for driving at high speed. If a police officer sees you driving at high speed and they see everything is going normal with you, the most likely suspect is that you are under the influence of a substance. As long as alcohol concentration can be detected, you can be prosecuted.

4. Get a responsible driver

Linking up with your loved ones, friends, and family is important, as it helps you to wind up and reconnect. Hence, it doesn’t make sense for you always to decline invitations to go out. A smarter way is to have a driver you can designate to help you drive your car home while you have your fun to the maximum level. No matter the level of highness you get to, the designated driver will stay normal.

5. Drink responsibly and take precautions

All over the globe, everyone drinks alcohol from time to time; if you don’t drink regularly, at least you most likely have taken alcohol at one point or the other. What you need while you drink is to drink with a responsible and mature mindset. First off, try as much as possible not to take large quantities of alcohol on your own. Moreso, as much as you can, try to drink a little while after you have eaten good food.