5 Things You Have to Know About Gaming Cheats

Gaming Today is Not What it Was in the Nineties or Eighties
The “golden age of gaming” was either in the late eighties or mid-nineties; it really depends on if you were a console or an arcade gamer. The arcades peaked out in the early nineties, console gaming’s golden era was in the late nineties.

While games today are better than ever, innovation and breakthroughs aren’t quite the same, and now is the online era. With that online era has come an express need for certain “cheats”. We’ll explore five things you must know about them here.

1. Some Games Practically Require “Cheat” Options

Say you’re playing a game that is designed for online multiplayer contests. Now say there’s some clutch of gamers in an east-asian country that are using that game as fodder for financial acquisition. In China, there were prisoners who were actually forced to mine World of Warcraft “gold”. Certainly, that’s better than actual mining with a pickaxe, but not by much.

Now granted, that’s taking “cheats” to a whole new unethical level. But why was this going on? Well, the mined gold would be used to help build up characters without the necessary “grind” associated with the process, and players new to the game could just buy a totally realized avatar. So how do you compete with that if you’re a new player?

The only way might be to download some cheats, and that’s what has tended to happen across online games internationally over the last decade or so. WoW is just one game, there are many others where, if you want a “fair shake”, you’ll need an uncommon advantage.

2. A “Cheat” Can Be Built-In or Software-Related

There are multiple families of cheats. Some require you to name your character something unique, others require that you enter a button code, others require you to download a software patch. It will depend on the game, but there are online resources all over the place that can help you choose the best option.

3. There Are Resources Out There to Help Guide You

On that note, if you’re not sure what cheats to use for what game, you can check useful tips from Guided Hacking that can help you make the process of gaming less arduous, and assure you’re able to attain the goals you’re shooting for.

Games are games, and only in a minority of scenarios will there be anything like an eSports tournament on the line—though, that said, eSports is a thing these days, so if you do play with “cheats” regularly, don’t let that inhibit your ability to play without them should you find yourself competing.

4. Do Your Best Not To Get Caught, Even So

If you’re in a competition, it’s best to avoid cheats unless you have no choice, in which case it’s best not to get caught. If you’re identified as someone using software patches to give your digital avatar an advantage, that can sometimes get you booted permanently from a gaming server, forcing you to adopt an alias and start over from scratch.

5. Developers and Reviewers Commonly Use Cheats

Game developers have to use cheats; they don’t have time to play through every level. They have to make sure feature A or B works, then move on. Reviewers, similarly, have too many games to play, so they often use cheats to expedite the process.

“Cheat” is a Misnomer: The Right Term Might Be “Tool”
Developers and reviewers use cheats out of necessity, in contests, you don’t want to get caught, online resources help you get the balance right, some cheats are built-in while others require software patches, and certain games practically require a cheat of one kind or another.

The term “cheat” may not be accurate when you actually kind of have to know your way around such options if you’re going to play certain games right. A better term for what is known as “cheats” might be “gaming tools”.