5 Key Principles Of An Outstanding Web Design

In a highly digital world, companies must maintain a strong presence online to attract new clients and customers, get quality leads, build brand awareness, and increase their sales revenue. Your company can achieve this by setting up a website and getting some quality web consulting.

But having a website alone isn’t a guarantee that your company will get new customers and more sales. The design you use on your website can affect how well the site works. Essentially, a website’s design helps draw customer attention to calls-to-action, highlight special offers, and assist visitors in finding what they want.

You need to consider several elements when choosing a design for your business website. If you plan to develop a website for your company, here are five fundamental principles of an outstanding web design to guide you:

1. Content

Content is at the heart of a good website. It plays a vital role in driving organic traffic to your site, and without it, your visitors would have no reason to visit and spend time on your site. Although companies are responsible for creating quality content for their sites, outstanding web design must provide features that give users pleasant experiences when viewing the content.

Companies may create content in different formats, including text, high-resolution images, videos, articles, reports, among others. Ideally, businesses should opt for a web design that allows them to display the content formats they use in a way that appeals to their audiences.

For example, an IT company named Buchanan Technologies provides IT services Mississauga. To attract more clients and establish their authority in the industry, they can publish content that is helpful to their existing and target clients.

2. User Friendliness

The first fundamental principle of an outstanding website design is usability. Despite its centrality to web design, end users rarely notice usability. However, websites that have poor usability stand out in users’ minds precisely because of their poor usability.

In web design, usability has to do with how intuitive a site is, ease of navigation from one page to the other, accessibility of the website, and mobile responsiveness. Outstanding web designs make it easy for visitors to know the pages they’re browsing at any given time.

Navigation tabs are organized so that visitors find the pages they want to view hassle-free, and accessibility of different pages is possible without looking at the entire site.

In the highly competitive business website, intuitiveness has become a critical aspect that outstanding web designs integrate. Sites that utilize such designs anticipate what visitors think about and attempt to meet their needs early.

3. Site Aesthetics

Aesthetics is the other principle that makes web designs exceptional. In today’s world, designing a visually appealing website on all devices is vital for enterprises that wish to grow their customer base and increase sales revenue.

Companies that use outstanding web designs maintain their brand image by ensuring their websites reflect their business. Such sites also allow them to connect visually with their visitors.

Further, the aesthetic appeal of such a website increases the credibility of the companies and boosts awareness of the brand online.

4. Online Visibility

Another outstanding web design principle that successful websites exhibit is online visibility. Websites that are user-friendly and aesthetically appealing cannot be successful if they’re not visible online.

In simple terms, online visibility has to do with how easy your target audience can find your site online. When designing a website, companies must understand how their target audience will find them online and how they can use their content to enhance their visibility.

Web designs that are highly visible online tend to integrate digital marketing elements like search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and social media in their templates. Many factors affect how search engines rank your website. Ensure that the web design you pick integrates these elements.

5. User Engagement

When you set up a website for your business, it should generate leads, boost your sales revenue, and ultimately grow your company. A great way to achieve this is to ensure your site engages users correctly.

An outstanding web design should have the ability to capture their attention and guide them through the different parts of the site. Further, the design should encourage users to:

  • Sign up for newsletters
  • Download content assets
  • Make a purchase
  • Contact your company

Other features of highly engaging websites include videos or images and offer space for users to share ideas and feedback. Website engagement is critical for businesses because it boosts visitors’ average time on individual pages and encourages them to return and tell others about the site.

Final Thoughts

Web design is one of the critical decisions companies have to make when developing a website. However, most businesses don’t have a criterion for determining which design would be ideal and which one isn’t. If you plan to set up a website for your business, applying the five principles makes it easy to find an outstanding web design.