5 Best Cities to Do Business in Turkey

If you’re looking to expand your business abroad or diversify your portfolio by investing in foreign companies, we recommend that you take a look at Turkey. This strategically located country is perfect for increasing your wealth through some strategic investment. Its coastline extends along three different seas, which is great for importing or exporting goods. Additionally, its growing cities are great for finding the workforce you need for your business.

Below, we’ll share some of the best cities and regions to focus your investments in this country.


This is the obvious choice. Istanbul is an ever-expanding city. Since ancient times, the city has been the central hub of great empires, and that’s all because of its strategic location. It also has a high-quality force of young people looking to leave their mark in the world.  You can rent a car to really get to know and understand the city.

The majority of investments are made in real estate. Istanbul has always been at the forefront of globalization and progress. The preferred districts, especially for real estate investment, include Beşiktaş, Saryer, Bakrköy, Levent, and Akaretler. The service industry and manufacturing are also significant in this city. The latter is especially benefitted by the Bosphorus strait’s important shipping route.


This city on the Mediterranean coast is particularly important for the tourism sector. There are many opportunities to invest in real estate and transportation here. The city is growing in size and population, as it receives thousands of people from abroad and other areas of the country. People come here attracted by the new job opportunities and the possibility of improving their lives.

Antalya also offers many opportunities in the agricultural sector. The surrounding fields are very fertile to grow citric fruits like orange, lemon, and mandarins, as well as pomegranates, olives, and mangoes.


It’s the third-largest city in Turkey and a favorite among investors due to the Aegean Free Zone and its convenient proximity to Istanbul. The city is ancient and with a lot of historical attractions, which makes it perfect for business people looking to invest in the tourism sector. There are also possibilities to make some environmental investments in of solar-powered facilities, which numbers are constantly growing here.

There are also plenty of opportunities for real estate investments. In addition, there are urban transformation projects that aim to make the city better and more organized.


This city, located in the Marmara region, is one of the fastest developing cities in the country. With an industrial belt running across the region, the Marmara Region is noted for its industry. It is Turkey’s manufacturing center, particularly the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmit triangle, which has been a major economic power since antiquity. There are 18 organized industrial zones, 1 free zone, and 7 ports in the city of Bursa alone.

But, if you’re looking for diversification of your investments, Bursa also offers opportunities in the textile, automotive, agriculture, aviation, and defense sectors.


Finally, the capital city, Ankara, is one of the best places to do business in Turkey. The city’s commercial and real estate investments are continuously growing. Located in the Anatolia region, Ankara offers investors special benefits. The city is home to Turkey’s largest industrial park. It’s called the OSTIM Industrial Zone and specializes in small business trade. The park benefits from Ankara’s strategic location in the country’s transportation network. There are over 5,000 companies in this industrial park, with around 50,000 employees in total. This is a workforce that will help you meet your business goals.

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