3 Web Design Tips to Convert More Traffic

Conversion-friendly Web Design is essential to succeed online.

The days of home grown websites for businesses are numbered. If you want your business to grow and be competitive with others on a national (such as Melbourne or Sydney), or international level, engaging a professional Web Design Agency is a key element for marketing and expansion.

To increase the credibility and reach of your business, it’s recommended to employ the expertise of professional Web Designers (such as ourselves – a Web Design Melbourne agency) to build the best website to attract and promote more conversions to your business and maximize customers and sales.

The design and navigability of your website is vital to the success of your business, and aesthetically your website must be attractive!
Here are 3 Web Design Tips to help you increase the profile of your business and grow your brand.

1. Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.)

Web Designers worth their salt are aware of the K.I.S.S. principle.
If your website is overly busy with information, offers and other gimmicks, visitors to your site will be distracted from the initial reason for their visit and become overwhelmed by too many options.
Visually, you website should be attractive and friendly.
The simpler your website is, and the easier it is to use, creating a much more pleasant experience for your customer.
The website design should keep your products and services to a select few.

If you have a broad range of products or services, these can be updated, rotated and changed regularly. Alternatively the products, services and/or information can be grouped or categorized under different navigation bars/tabs that are easy to understand. Don’t overcomplicate your website with flashing or moving images or strident colours that distract the viewer from what you are advertising. You are selling your product, not the sound and light show. Visual overstimulation is not the positive attention seeker it is cracked up to be.

If your website is straightforward, easy to navigate and sticks to the essentials of your business (whether it’s products or services) then those visiting your site will be able to move through the site better and have a more positive response…it has been proven that this leads to more sales and conversions.

People don’t want to have to work out how to navigate your website, before getting to their point of interest, making it easy and obvious saves your client’s time and effort and leads to the main reason for their visit – purchases. Having a website that gives a positive experience will bring visitors back and keep them interested.

Customers don’t have time these days to stay hooked onto a site trawling through stuff they aren’t interested in before finding the thing they want, the whole experience leaves them drained and feeling that they have just wasted more time than was warranted. To keep customers coming back to you site, keep it attractive, simple, clean, clear and easy to use.

2. User interest and The 8 Second Rule

While the 8 second rule might sound similar and is related to point one, it actually holds a different meaning. The 8 second rule is about making sure that your site is easy for customers to navigate fast, and in the direction you want, before they lose interest and move onto other options or websites.
Psychologist William Edmund Hick’s Law states that the decision time it takes for an individual to make a selection is directly proportionate to the number of choices offered. Therefore the more choices you offer, the longer the reaction time.
8 seconds is the average length of the human attention span. Therefore you have an average of 8 seconds when someone clicks onto your site to take them to what they want and guide them through to the Call to Action button, which is what you want. This applies, no matter what you are selling.
Most people don’t want to spend too much time getting to the object of their desire on your website. So the main point here is about the design of your website. A good Web Design Agency will guide visitors around your site swiftly and efficiently.
Colour, design, excellent photographs and scale are all design factors here, this is where the expertise of Web Designers excels above the self-created websites.
The initial impact of the visit, as your site opens, should be eye-catching and attractive. Finding the product or service you require must be obvious but not overbearing, so labelling and the navigation bar must be clear and visual.
From the product, customers should have clear access to the Call to Action buttons without having to wonder what to do next.
Quick and efficient is what most customers want, so it’s important that your site delivers.

3. Marketing and Device Compatibility

It should also be said that to make the most of your website, it must be compatible with all forms of Social Media, SEO and AdWords and navigable on all devices. To be workable on all devices.
Web Design Australia, and internationally, must continue to grow and improve, which dictates that if your website is not up to date with desktop computer, mobile and device compatibility as well as incorporating the latest marketing options, SEO and Social Media trends, then growth for your business, and sales will suffer.
This world of new technology and devices, marketing options and products is dynamic, global and fast moving. A few years ago it was easy to set up your own website and get started with your own online business. Today, if you want a successful growing business with increased reach and sales, a Web design Agency is a smart choice if you want your business to continue to grow and stay ahead of the competition.