2021 Tourism Marketing Trends to Keep in Mind

The travel and tourism industry has been gaining more and more traction in the past decade. Travelers are going on longer trips to places farther away from home to experience a new part of the world. With this increase in demand and desire for travel, your travel agency needs to up its game and produce better results to secure its place in the industry. Here are tourism marketing trends to keep in mind in this new year.

Become More Accessible

The first rule to any kind of marketing, and the one that continues to be important, is the need for accessibility. You must make your travel company highly visible and reachable so that potential customers are able to connect with you easily. Pay attention to where you are purchasing your business numbers as they are the most common way for customers to reach you. Is this a reliable phone service provider? Can they offer you global connection tools? Could your company benefit from virtual communication tools? And so on. A good phone service provider can determine how accessible your agency is and how efficient your correspondences are.

Focus on Experiences and Personalization

You will notice that most tourists and travelers are craving experience more than anything else when they head out on adventures. They look for immersive, informative, and enlightening experiences. More recently, individuals and families have taken “nomadic sabbaticals,” traveling and living across the world. The attempt here is to learn and explore new places more intently.

In fact, with the availability of freelance work and homeschooling abilities, more and more families seem to be taking this approach to living. And so, a package that takes an experiential storytelling approach, possibly utilizing virtual and augmented reality, can prove more attractive. Additionally, personalization and DIY-type trips are also growing popular where the focus is on what the traveler wants to see and do, as opposed to stock itineraries.

Consider Ecotourism and Travel

With the positive increase in environmental advocacy, a new generation of “eco-travelers” is rising. This kind of tourism is generally related to the growing concern for ethical and sustainable tourism options. Some ways tourism agencies are promoting ecotourism is by offering:

  • Carbon credits on flights
  • Environmentally-friendly travel options
  • Volunteer elements such as working on a natural reserve or participating in the ecological life in the region
  • Eco-friendly resort options, and more

Utilize Mobile as a Marketing and Travel Tool

For travel agencies and tourism companies to rise up this year, their mobile experience should match the web experience. That is, whatever tools and features your website displays, your mobile should do the same or better. Most purchasing and e-commerce happens through smartphones and mobile devices. And so, design a highly responsive website and make it easy for travelers and website visitors to navigate your travel site effortlessly on their phones.

Additionally, try to transform users’ smartphones into travel tools. Tools like Bluetooth, Google Maps, Near-Field Communication (NFC), and others can be integrated into your own app or website, and can further enhance the experience of the mobile user interacting with your site.

Promote with Social Influencers

More recently, “social influencers” have become an increasingly important factor in influencing customer decisions. Whether it is to do with fashion or cooking or traveling, social media influencers are providing in-depth reviews and recommendations, and people following them are listening. In fact, influencer marketing is predicted to continue its successful streak and guide trends in fashion, lifestyle, and tourism.

Additionally, keep in mind that even though the common perception is that an influencer with a large following is automatically profitable, it is the smaller influencers focusing on niche travel markets that make more of an impact. So, consider including this marketing element in your digital marketing strategy.

Improve Marketing and Increase Sales

The tourism industry can be an evolving one and so as travel trends and preferences shift, it becomes necessary to switch your marketing gears to attract the right kind of audience. Try these tactics and adjust them to suit your travel agency the best and generate more sales.

This article was written by Global Call Forwarding (https://www.globalcallforwarding.com/), a virtual local, international, and toll free phone number provider.

Author Bio: Writer Meryl D’Sa contributes to publications focused on travel, business, communication, literature, and fashion. When she’s not writing, she’s reading fiction and poetry.