10 Vital Things for Software Project Management

Leaders are the role model of followers, who show the path and principles for guidance. A small mistake from these top leaders may result in more immense consequences. But, who are these leaders? Are they some politicians or some young students? In professional life, every project managers mostly done PMP , Prince2, ITIL certification is a leader and vice versa. Both a bank officer and a politician are leaders in their field. They plan, organize, and manage the people downstream of their hierarchy.

As they manage a group of working people in the project, they are sometimes inspiration and role models for their juniors. One should not forget that no human being is perfect, and so all project managers training are not so excellent; however, they follow the ideal trend.

So, one can improve a lot even if he is almost perfect just by omitting a few mistakes from their course. Studies show that more than 50% of project managers are untrained about the assigned post, which increases the chances of errors in the profession. Sometimes, even trained project managers’ end up making mistakes.

Before going to the mistakes, good qualities and essentials of efficient project managers should be known.

Project Management Leader Essentials

  • Create mutual trust in the team
  • Knows the capabilities of employees
  • Zero indulgences in micro-managing
  • Should be assertive and fearless
  • Support and Inspire employees in their career
  • High-pressure handling power
  • Honest and reliable communication
  • Open to suggestions and budding ideas
  • Logical and analytical mindset
  • Appreciate team and good work
  • Mentor to colleagues

1.Mutual trust

One parameter is said to be achieved if project managers manage to develop mutual trust in the team. This is the most required nutrition capsule for any team to be successful. Once completed, coordination and communication in the team get better day by day.

2. Micromanaging

Only a good leader can create more leaders and not followers; similar is the case with project managers. A project manager should prepare and train the next upcoming generation of project managers and so, should leave micro-managing on them. A wise project manager would never indulge in micro-management, however, would guide fellows from time to time if required.

3. Fearless and assertive nature

Project managers should be good diplomats as well as planners. When needed, a good project manager will take a stand for the team fearlessly in extreme conditions. Also, while taking decisions, fear should take a back seat.

4. Inspiration + Support Formula

There are times when the team or any individual may feel low and depressed. The project managers must lend support at these times and inspire them to perform better. Guidance at such critical points can act as a balm on headaches. This is a social responsibility of project managers which should not be ignored.

5. Efficient in pressure handling

In this fast-moving and developing work, workload and pressure are something undeniable. Ostensibly, one can only excel by overcoming these jerks. Deadlines should never be missed in the profession; otherwise, it may deteriorate years of hard work and professional image.

6. Communication

Communication plays a vital role in the 21st century. Miscommunication is hazardous in working life. An efficient project manager should be well versed in effective communication. At the same time, honesty should be maintained both upstream and downstream of the stream. Reliability and commitment’s decorum should never be lowered to lead a utopian work style.

7. Watering innovative ideas

Innovative and young ideas have the potential to change the course of the river of work. Therefore, concrete ideas should be watered, just like a small plant that will yield fruits in the near future. The world is only moving ahead because of innovation. Thus, to walk forward on the runway, innovation is required at every step. A good project manager will never ignore a good idea and not forget to appreciate the innovator.

8. Logical Mindset

The project managers should have a strong hand in data analysis and a logical approach. Decisions should not be randomly or emotionally taken. Before arriving at any conclusion, all the available data should be analyzed, and all the factors should be taken care of. Data analysis and logical approach always leads to useful decision make and thus are vital for any project managers.

9. Appreciating good work

A good project managers keep motivating the fellow team from time to time and activate its employees in high spirit mode. Also, whenever the employee gives good work and ideas, appreciation is a must. This creates a positive environment and works culture in the office. This enhances employee’s engagement and loyalty towards the company.

10. Mentor Role

A project manager is directly indirectly responsible for the team. Good project managers keep mentoring and advising courses to enhance their skills. This creates a caring emotion in the minds of the team members, making them more believe in their boss. The Mentoring role considers various aspects of the working lifestyle and is the diet requirement of each officer.

All the above qualities are must to have for any project managers irrespective of the firm they are working for. Deficiency of the above vitamins leads to mistakes by project managers and may create a void in project managers-employee as well as project managers-boss relationship. Relationships are very delicate and hence should be handled carefully. So the above qualities should be ignored but should be focused on and improved.

Some general behaviour is also observed in daily life practices which degrade the virtue of project managers. They are:

  • Many times project managers try to hide behind emails as an excuse, which is not a healthy practice.
  • They pretend as if they are attentive to the person; however, they only look at the moving lips. Their focus is entirely on different subjects and befools the presenter. This is not what a project manager does.
  • Don’t make the job of fellows as a surviving task. Don’t have straight forward demand for the assignment and projects. Ask them politely to complete it and see if they need help from the project managers.
  • Don’t create a fearful environment among co-workers. This project managers only hears what is desired, and the reality is lost due to arising fear.

A project manager needs to be all-rounder on the field such as a boss, a good friend, and mentor at the same time.