10 Common Bathroom Design Mistakes That You Avoid

Many of us start our day succumbing to the comforts of our bathroom for peace as well as new ideas. That also happens to be the place where we are our truest selves while simultaneously being the most creative we can get.

For these reasons, designing your bathroom to a certain aesthetic further increases the degree of comfort every time one experiences when they enter this sanctuary of theirs.

Bad planning, gaudy designs, and poor spacing can result in the bathroom turning into quite a nightmare. So as to avoid that, we have enlisted 10 common bathroom mistakes that you can avoid in order to have a beautiful bathroom.

1. Ignoring Natural Lighting and ventilation

What many forget to consider when remodeling a bathroom or constructing one is the light factor. It is always best to have at least one huge window in your bathroom through which natural light, as well as a healthy circulation of air, comes through.

If a window isn’t possible, one can install an operable skylight, as that too does the trick.

2. Toilet at first sight

What many fail to understand is that having the toilet in view as soon as the person enters the bathroom is not a great sight, especially if it also happens to be the view one gets of the bathroom from the room adjacent to it.

Thus, it is always better to keep the toilet and the shower in their own segregated space while singling out the sink. This can be done with the help of a thin wall if space is a constraint. This helps make the bathroom multi-purpose allowing one to use the sink while the other can use the shower and toilet.

3. Faulty Measurements

While installing accessories to the bathroom, especially if they are new ones, one must always accurately measure the bathroom fittings and ensure that there is enough space in the bathroom to fit them in. Focusing on the look of the product over its measurement is a big blunder many make.

In the case where one’s bathroom is small, try to look into compact fittings as well as reflective finishes so as to take maximum advantage of the space present.

4. Ignoring different finishing options

What many assume is that chrome is the only suitable option when it comes to finishing the bathroom aesthetic. But, many have succeeded with other finishings such as white, black, copper, and even gold

Gold is known to bring out a luxurious look while black makes the bathroom look elite and designer. Copper on the other hand is known to provide chic traditional vibes to the whole bathroom ensemble.

5. Missing out on tile style

While designing a bathroom, many assume that the tiles do not play any major role in deciding its aesthetic, when in fact they do. The color, the design, the size, and all the other tile traits matter and have a direct effect on the bathroom design.

When a bathroom is small, larger tiles make the bathroom look bigger. Furthermore, investing in real marble, stone or even their lookalikes give the bathroom an opulent look. Metro tiles are the majority’s favorite and suit almost everyone’s taste.

6. Forgoing Mirrors

The mirror is the most important accessory of your bathroom, especially if one gets ready over there. What many don’t know is that installing mirrors in the bathroom not only makes the area look bigger but also helps improve the lighting of the space.

A mirrored wall or a large round mirror is quite trendy and what most opt for. Installing lights to the bathroom mirror further glamorizes the bathroom and creates a relaxing vibe for anyone who wishes to use it.

Forgoing Mirrors

7. Compromising accessorizing

Quite a few individuals find accessorizing a waste of money and space when in fact it is quite a useful and long-term investment that helps improve your bathroom’s glamour as well as comfort.

Investing in accessories doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive endeavor. In fact, it can be as simple as placing candles, vases, potted plants, and even small decorative objects all across the bathroom. Even the tiniest of changes can make a big difference to the overall look of the bathroom.

Compromising accessorizing

8. Incompatible water systems

The bathroom is where we need the water systems to work the most which is why it is mandatory to look into installing appropriate products here.

Knowing the water systems used in your home is essential before purchasing shower kits, taps, and so on. A PFA lined butterfly valve is installed by many and one that all bathrooms must have.

In addition to this, having a professional plumber from plumbing Phoenix take a look at your water system and advise you on what to purchase is always the safest option.

9. Disregarding storage space

When one enters the bathroom, it is quite hard to leave it in order to seek the toiletries or other essentials you may need at that time. Therefore, storing them in a storage box or cabinet in the bathroom brings about ease.

Smart storage solutions include getting all your products into the bathroom without taking a large amount of space. Some cabinets can also be installed on the wall so as to save space.

10. Exposing plumbing

No one likes to see open pipes in various nooks and corners of one’s bathroom. This is especially visible when the bathroom is small. The ugly metallic piping is a complete eyesore to the person who has to use it.

Control valves are something that needs to be hidden the most. Get an interior designer involved for that purpose.

For this reason, always have your plumbing work covered. This helps out in the long run especially if the bathroom is going to be used by children,


Many may assume designing a bathroom is quite easy but in fact, missing out on certain details can actually ruin the bathroom’s entire aesthetic. This is the reason why one must do their research before investing their time and money into designing their bathroom.

Planning to redesign or renovate your bathroom? Hope the above content helps you and Good luck!